Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson made it a family affair with husbands Eric Johnson and Evan Ross, who all came out to support Joe Simpson for his first art show, Dreams Work, at Bruce Lurie Gallery in L.A.

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson Ross are ready to put the spotlight on their dad.

On Saturday evening, the famous sisters stepped out to show their support for Joe Simpson’s first art show titled “Dreams Work.”

Held at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in Culver City, Calif., the grand opening allowed guests including Evan Ross and Eric Johnson to witness their family member’s finished products up close and personal.

As for how it was to direct two talented stars in Hollywood, Joe admitted that he was very fortunate to work with two naturals.

“[Ashlee and Jessica are] so professional. They’re so good and they know how to work a camera,” the proud dad gushed to E! News’ Erin Lim. “They know their stuff.”

The show, which helps benefit Adopt the Arts, includes photographs of Joe’s two daughters and is expected to be on display at the gallery throughout the upcoming week.

And while we can only imagine how proud Ashlee and Jessica were of their father’s latest project, it’s the happiness Joe sees in his own kids that makes him the most content.

“Their joy makes me happy,” he explained. “As a father, it’s not what your children do. It’s who your children are and are they happy? That’s the question you’ll always ask.”

With busy careers and a jam-packed home life that includes adorable children, Jessica and Ashlee easily have their hands full. But recently, Jessica sparked rumors that she’s working on new music.

Between her Instagram posts from a music studio and a scheduled appearance on the Today show’s Summer Concert Series, we had to ask Joe if he knows anything about any new tunes. So what’s the verdict?

“Trust me, I’m not the first who gets to hear it now,” he joked to E! News. “[But] I live for when my children play me their music.”


Come May, Jessica Simpson will have a 4-year-old on her hands … who is large (well, tiny, actually) and in charge!

The newly appointed Budget Car Rental’s brand ambassador tells PEOPLE that her smartypants daughter Maxwell Drew has all the brains.

“Maxwell will be 4 May 1 and she might be wiser than me,” Simpson, 35, says with a chuckle. “She definitely has model poses. I was never born to be a model, but my daughter, she’s just got something in her that makes people want to trike a pose.


ace and

The fashion designer, who also has son Ace Knute, 2, with husband Eric Johnson, admits that her little girl takes her responsibilities as an older sister very seriously.

“She definitely lets her brother know that she’s the oldest and that she is in charge,” Simpson says. “Ace is finally starting to stand up for himself.”
The proud mom, who says that she and Ashlee Simpson rely on each other for parenting advice, admits that she sometimes confuses her daughter for her sister.

“I always get Ashlee and Maxwell confused because they are pretty much the same person,” she says. “I call my daughter Ash, and Ash, Max … all the time! I do it just around the house and I’m like, ‘Sorry, guys.’ Ash takes it as a compliment because Maxwell is pretty fabulous.”

Despite having two kids under 4, Simpson says that her family really does enjoy going on road trips “all the time.”

“[The kids are] always very chill in the car unless they’re bantering back and forth,” says Simpson. “And then me and Eric just have to tune them out. Just let them talk back and forth and get through it. They’re brother and sister!”