Tracee Ellis Ross visits “The Talk” and discusses a recent photo of her and Jessica Simpson, with the hashtag #sisters, that went viral. Julie Chen notes that Tracee’s younger brother Evan married Jessica’s sister Ashlee, and Tracee says, “In my world, we’re sisters.” On getting their families together, she reveals, “They’re really family oriented, and we are too, so it’s just a lot of meshing and it’s fantastic.” Saying she was surprised when the photo went viral, Tracee says, “We were just sitting on the step, hanging out. Sitting on the step in sequins!”




Jessica Simpson is NOT “begging” Diana Ross to make her a “movie superstar,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to OK!, Simpson is “ready for a comeback in a major way,” but “recording an album isn’t enough for the singer.” She also allegedly “wants to take over Hollywood.” And she’s supposedly seeking Ross’ help to make her a “silver screen superstar.”

Bizarrely, though, after initially claiming Simpson wanted Ross to aid her with films, OK! quotes a so-called “family insider” talking about an entirely different medium. “As far as Jess is concerned, Diana’s responsible for some of the most iconic music of all time,” says the alleged source. “She’s desperate to do something with Diana, even ask her to write her a song if she’s not interested in a direct collaboration.”

Once it gets beyond those consistency issues, the magazine closes by suggesting Simpson seeking out Ross could make waves with Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. “Jessica won’t let anyone get in the way of her ambitions,” adds the outlet’s tipster. “She says she’d have never got to where she was if she didn’t step on a few toes on the way.”

And apparently OK! is fine with walking all over little things like facts and accuracy. Gossip Cop can even point out another consistency issue. It was less than a year ago that the tabloid was claiming Simpson didn’t want anything to do with Ross, and was even refusing to be photographed with the music legend at her sister’s upcoming nuptials.

Now the magazine is spreading more absurdity, which includes the notion that Ross would have some kind of pull with the film industry. Simpson isn’t hoping to get any career assistance from Ross, but they’re certainly not on the outs either. The bottom line is OK!’s reporting remains anything but okay.






Heres another 1 !!! My beautiful 2 ladies @ashleesimpsonross. Jagger Snow Ross. Photo by @kristingram A photo posted by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on




Can you see the resemblance?

On Saturday, Tracee Ellis Ross posted a photo to Instagram of herself posing with Jessica Simpson on a staircase. She captioned the image #sisters. Well it’s true, they are — sort of. Tracee’s younger brother Evan Ross recently married — and had a daughter, named Jagger Snow Ross — with Jessica’s little sister Ashlee. So #sistersinlaw is probably more accurate.

Despite their lack of blood relation, the pair definitely dress in a similarly glamorous fashion. The billionaire businesswoman paired a sequin little black dress with super-high stilletos. Simpson kept with the ‘70s vibe by crimping her long blonde hair and adding to the effect with an exaggerated dark smokey eye. The Blackish actress, on the other hand, went for a glitzy look as well with a funky twist. She paired disco ball-inspired leggings with a black top and floral short blazer, which she matched to a pair or red peep-toe sandals. As for her hair, she rocked some fun double buns to match her ensemble.

Family fashion at its finest.