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Jessica Simpson has clearly lost a lot of weight after giving birth to her son, who is 15 months old now. She has also gotten more beautiful. Compared with her previous styles, we love the more sophisticated and toned-down looks she’s been sporting these days.

Jessica was spotted in a chic and radiant look while leaving her New York City hotel. The 34-year-old singer and fashion designer wore a “Lucy’ seamless tee and a ‘Gypsy’ pleated midi from Jessica Simpson Fall 2014 Collection and walked hand in hand with her husband, Eric Johnson, who was dapper in a suit. She styled with a pair of oversized sunglasses, a feathered bag, and the ‘Claudette’ in leopard pumps also from her own collection.

It’s not surprising to see Jessica Simpson supporting her own collection, which she started in 2005; she’s actually been doing it ever since.

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Jessica Simpson, the signature fragrance.. a warm, citrusy floral eau de parfum inspired by the journey every woman takes in her lifetime • available at @macys #FragranceFriday #jessicasimpson #mysignaturejourney #feathers

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 How did songstress-turned-reality TV star Jessica Simpson make multiple millions selling her Daisy Dukes at Macy’s?

Teri Agins, the brash, funny veteran reporter, wonders the same thing. Her new book, Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers investigates.

Yahoo Style: I was thinking about the mini controversy that surrounded the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover earlier this year. What was your reaction to that?

Teri Agins:The first thing I said was ‘Clever! Look at that clever Anna [Wintour], she’s tapped into the zeitgeist again.’ Anna is very savvy there, she knew that it was going to be exciting and controversial. For almost a week, Vogue was everywhere [in the news]. And I think she did it in a clever way because she put the two of them together, so she validated them as a pop culture curiosity without quite giving Kim Kardashian validation as a fashion person on her own.


YS: So it helps to have a little bit of relatability.

TA:Jessica Simpson is making oodles of money in fashion. She has the advantage that she hasn’t had any morals issues, she’d not getting into trouble. But her first marriage didn’t work out and people see her weight problems and they think, I get that. And when she paired with Vince Camuto. That was really genius because they are a big operation. He is Mr. Shoe. They know what they’re doing.

 YS:In the end, are celebs in the fashion business a good or a bad thing?.

TA:This book is just an explain, I don’t say this is a good thing or a bad thing. The tension in the story is, say you’re a creative designer: of course you’re going to ask, ‘Should these celebrities be able to become the shiny object just because of their name?’ If I were a creative designer, I would be jealous that people can waltz into the industry like that. But if you’re going to get mad at that, you may as well get mad at Forever 21 or Zara. I shop at Forever 21, and I’m almost 61 years old. The reason why Jessica Simpson can do this stuff, is that she can do things on economies of scale. If you’re too small, and you don’t have that instant name recognition, it’s really hard to carve out a space for yourself in between a Jessica Simpson and a Zara.


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Jessica Simpson is a fashion designing entrepreneur, recording artist, actress, mother and wife. I truly respect her business savvy and her take on motherhood. She is the true meaning of a working mom. You know she has a singing career, a huge fashion company, a gorgeous husband AND beautiful children. Her posts, pictures and overall family upbringing ensure us she is an excellent mother… with excellent style. Many moms, as well as mommies-to-be, can relate to this notion that women do it all, while managing to look good.

Her Jessica Simpson Maternity Collection always reflects her feminine, hometown girl style. For this upcoming holiday season her line is full of beautiful dresses, watercolor florals, pretty knits and versatile denim styles. There’s also many great transitional pieces in soft shades that can work through to the warmer seasons. Getting mileage out of your maternity wardrobe is key, so I love her take on an every-season palette.

I especially love the cut of the dresses from her maternity collection and the fit of the jeans. Being a mother herself, she understands a woman’s changing shape. She has faced many public challenges in regards to her figure and she looks amazing, at any size. Unlike many celebrities, Jessica is on the petite side, so her clothing sizes are varied for all body types. We’ve heard from so many expecting women on how fabulous her jeans fit and how flattering all of the pieces, especially the dresses, are. I can attest, since after trying multiple options, I actually chose a lace dress from the Jessica Simpson Spring 2014 collection to wear to my baby shower when I was pregnant.

The full Jessica Simpson Maternity Collection is now available online and in stores. Enjoy! And, happy maternity shopping! -Olivia

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A celebrity-turned-fashion designer used to be sort of a joke. Until it wasn’t. From Jessica Simpson to The Row’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, some of the most successful fashion brands in the world right now are run by entertainers. Business reporter Teri Agins, who developed the fashion beat at the Wall Street Journal and has been covering the industry for a quarter of a century, spent the last two years determining which of these celebrities passed muster (Simpson, for one), which ones were a disaster (hint: Kanye’s runway debut in Paris), and why celebs have been able to so deftly steal the sartorial spotlight from fashion’s trained elite. Her new book, Hijacking the Runway, documents the best, worst, and most surprising moments of this new era, from the failed lines of Real Housewives to the impressive rise of socialite-cum-designer Tory Burch. Agins’ clear-headed approach to covering fashion—she likes it, but she’s not swept up by it—makes for an entertaining follow up to her 1999 debut, The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever. recently spoke with Agins about the celebrities whose brands have impressed her—and those who haven’t—and what she thinks Kanye should do about his long-standing dream of conquering the fashion world.

Q:You covered a lot of ground here, from Donald Trump’s über-successful suit collection to former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Adrienne Maloof’s short-lived line of shoes. Who surprised you the most, whether in terms of failure or success?

A:  I’d have to say Jessica Simpson, because I was there at the beginning in 2005 when she did the jeans line. I wrote a page one story [for the Wall Street Journal]. I thought it was going to be a little brand that would appeal to teens, have its 15 minutes and then it would be gone. Then, when [Simpson and her first partner, Tarrant Apparel Group] fell out and she had to start over with [shoemaker] Vince Camuto, I thought, “Oh, this is going to be a heavy lift.” But it has really transcended. It’s no longer just a celebrity brand, it’s a brand. A lot of kids who buy those shoes were probably toddlers when Newlyweds first aired in 2003. A lot of teenagers who are wearing those shoes have no idea about the show. I was also surprised how the Kardashian brand at Sears, which started out with so much promise, just kind of descended into really shoddy merchandise. Apparently it’s still selling. Sears itself is a retailer that’s not that strong, so it’s kind of not surprising. But I remember seeing those clothes at the beginning, and I thought that they looked really, really cute. The Row was always on the right track. Same thing with Victoria [Beckham].



Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe helped Jessica Simpson develop her signature style, 2004


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