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Jessica makes her way into Via Alloro to meet BFF Cacee Coob for lunch on 08/28/2015. Rumors have been going around that Jessica maybe releasing new music in the near future.


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Can you see the resemblance?

On Saturday, Tracee Ellis Ross posted a photo to Instagram of herself posing with Jessica Simpson on a staircase. She captioned the image #sisters. Well it’s true, they are — sort of. Tracee’s younger brother Evan Ross recently married — and had a daughter, named Jagger Snow Ross — with Jessica’s little sister Ashlee. So #sistersinlaw is probably more accurate.

Despite their lack of blood relation, the pair definitely dress in a similarly glamorous fashion. The billionaire businesswoman paired a sequin little black dress with super-high stilletos. Simpson kept with the ‘70s vibe by crimping her long blonde hair and adding to the effect with an exaggerated dark smokey eye. The Blackish actress, on the other hand, went for a glitzy look as well with a funky twist. She paired disco ball-inspired leggings with a black top and floral short blazer, which she matched to a pair or red peep-toe sandals. As for her hair, she rocked some fun double buns to match her ensemble.

Family fashion at its finest.

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Jessica Simpson embodies the message that sexy is loving the skin you’re in. Despite the shallow commentary by the media about her physical appearance over the years, she continues to be an inspiring and confident role model to us all. These 12 best Jessica Simpson body positive quotes show that she’s appreciative of herself and all women, because of, not in spite of, their unique shapes and sizes.

Body positivity is a hot topic these days. Bustle’s very own Marie Southard Ospina wrote a great article about body positivity, size inclusivity, and what those both mean for a society that’s long valued women based on appearance. Just as larger gals shouldn’t be stereotyped for carrying extra weight, slim girls shouldn’t be judged for lacking curves. Body positivity promotes the simple concept of accepting and appreciating people for exactly the body they are in.

To that end, it’s easy to love Jessica in all her stages. She’s been slim, sleek muscle—as evidenced in her Daisy Duke days— and she’s been a full and fertile mama during her two pregnancies. Is one better than the other? Not at all. Just like Jessica, many women fluctuate throughout their lives in shape and size. All too often self-confidence is tied to these fluctuations. Getting empowered can mean loving a body exactly as it is.

So, let’s hear it for Jessica and 12 of the times she spoke up for herself and her body.

1. On Creating A Clothing Line That Suits Many Shapes:

“I’ve been all kinds of sizes and … being a mom, I feel like people just can relate to me. I feel like it’s very important for people to be able to relate to someone that is a fashion designer, Simpson told Today Show.

2. On Being A Role Model To Her Daughter With Her Words And Her Actions:

Jessica Simpson took to GoodyBlog on Parents to share this: “Raising Maxwell makes me realize that I don’t want her to see me beat myself up for things like food choices or numbers on a scale. I don’t want her to learn anything like that from me. Those things don’t determine who we are and instead make us feel terrible about ourselves. I want to teach her to value herself, listen to herself and tune out the world. I want her to know her value, rather than spending her energy fighting negative voices from within. I want to teach her to figure out what is truly right for her rather than worrying about what anyone else thinks.”.

3. On Motherhood Shifting Her Perception Of What’s Important:

“As a mom I just have this confidence and I just feel so proud of what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished…I don’t want to give her (Maxwell) any false perception of what is real…it is important to love yourself and know yourself,” Simpson said on Good Morning America.

4. On Negative Media Fueling Her To Do Things Her Way:

During an appearance on the Today show, Simpson told Matt Lauer that the negative press, “empowered me to rise above and stand up for all the women out there that do have trouble losing the weight.”

5. On Growing Out Of Old People Pleasing Ways:

Duringthat same interview with Lauer<, Simpson said, “It wasn’t really my priority to please the public and make them feel like I’m supposed to be looking like I did when I was 25.”

6. On The Madness Of 2009:

“The fact that I was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds, it’s ridiculous, and it’s really sad,” Simpson told Oprah.

7. On Being Honest About How Hurtful Words Can Be:

Simpson said this on Today: “I have feelings and hormones. I got emotional about it at times, but if anything I just kind of wanted to be a champion for other women and say, ‘We can do this.'”

8. On Using Weight Watchers To Slim Down:

“I didn’t have a weight goal; I just wanted to look healthy,” preached Simpson in an interview with InStyle.

9. On Feeling Good About Being Physical:

“These are my legs during a workout today! I’m proud of myself,” Simpson captioned her Instagram.

10. On Getting Into Life:

“I celebrate women of all sizes. I think that we’re all beautiful,” Simpson toldOprah.

11. On Embracing Life:

In that same interview with Oprah, Simpson said,”Nobody’s words, nobody’s compliments, nobody’s love, none of that…it’s all what I have within myself,” she says. “Every day will continue to be a journey. Every day, we’ll find something new out about ourselves that is authentic and is unique, but I really just finally relaxed. I don’t care what people have to say about my weight. I really don’t, because I think I look great.”

12. On Being A Woman:

“I’m interested in learning more about myself and what I value in myself and letting that be the beautiful part of me, rather than putting on the makeup or wearing the right designer. It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful” The Price Of Beauty on VH1.

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Jessica Simpson is on top of the world right now. Her namesake fashion brand just turned 10 years old, and she has been enjoying time with her husband and two babies. But many of us first met Simpson through something else: her singing talent. Some fans might be wondering if she will return to the roots of her fame. After all, it has been quite a while since the 35-year-old has released music — almost five years, if you can believe it. Well, as it turns out, Jessica Simpson is working on some new music, so it’s time for fans to get excited.

Simpson announced in March of this year that she was starting to work on a new record. The last album she released was a holiday album called Happy Christmas, and that was all the way back in 2010. But it seems like she is ready to put her vocal chords to work again, even if it means turning down other projects in the process. Interestingly enough, she reportedly turned down a $1 million book deal in order to work on this new music. According to Us Weekly, literary agents wanted the former pop princess to pen a book about her business success or a lifestyle book about her life with her husband and kids. But it seemed like the deal was not quite right for Simpson — at least not yet. In any case, if it is true that she turned down the very lucrative offer to work on new music, it must be some good stuff!



There is no word yet on when her new music will be released, or if it will just be a single or part of a larger album. In the last non-Christmas, non-greatest hits album Simpson released, Do You Know, she experimented with some country music. There is also no word yet on whether she’s dabbling in country again with her new music or if it will be purely pop like her earlier hits “With You” or “Irresistible.” That said, there are a couple exciting details from the songstress herself.

Simpson has been working on the music in her own home recording studio, and the recording process has even been the center of some family fun for Simpson and her little ones.

“I have a recording studio in my house so I can be around my babies as well,” she told Extra in March. “And they might try and sing over me. They won’t be my background vocalists, they’ll be like, ‘Ahh!’ They’ll be upfront and personal.”

Sounds like exciting stuff! If she has a recording studio in her own home, obviously her upcoming work is very important to her. And wouldn’t it be fun if there were references to her adorable kids in the album — or better yet, their own vocals? They definitely sound ready for their debut.

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Next for Jessica Simpson: the activewear business. Called, appropriately enough, Jessica Simpson The Warm Up, it represents the first major category expansion for her branded collection since partnering with Sequential Brands Group in April.

Sequential took a majority stake in the business, including the master license, and has hopes to build the total portfolio into a staggering $2 billion to $3 billion operation at retail. Jessica Simpson retains ownership of the balance of the equity in her company.

The Camuto Group, which held the master license until Sequential acquired its stake, built the collection’s retail sales into a $1 billion business.

Richard Gossett, president and chief executive officer of RDG Global, the activewear licensee, said the line has elements of active and ath-leisure. The activewear component comprises “authentic workout apparel,” reflected in the choice of zippers, how the fabric absorbs and wicks moisture and the design of pockets and details to accommodate keys and cell phones.

Shipping at the end of October, the line initially will be available exclusively at Macy’s Inc. in 300 doors and at Retail prices range from $24 to $49. The core performance technical fabric for leggings, sports bras and track jackets is called Extraordin-Air, a polyester-spandex blend that incorporates both sweat-wicking capabilities and four-way stretch.

Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer, said the line “has some style and it’s got some comfort at the same time,” noting that the category is broad enough for “use at the gym or walking around the city doing errands.”

Tina Simpson, creative director for the brand and Jessica’s mother, said, “Whatever was going on in Jessica’s life at the time, we said we should be there. We had been looking at active for a bit, trying to find the right partner. Jessica works out every day — pretty much an hour-and-a-half every day.”

According to Gossett, the line will expand to other better retailers next spring.

“The misses’ collection has 32 styles at Macy’s,” said Gossett, pointing out that there’s an opportunity in plus sizes — 21 styles — for the Jessica Simpson brand. “She has a really good following across many different types of shoppers and the plus-size customer identifies with her as well.

“The character of the brand is definitely Jessica, from the prints to the colorations. She is intricately involved in the selection process,” Gossett added.


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Jessica, Eric and friends have brunch in Calabasas in 08/23/2015

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