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Jessica Simpson wants you to know that she is not a billionaire (even though her self-titled clothing brand might be making that much), she says with a kind, pearly smile and a laugh. Money-talk aside, the 34-year-old Texas native has sashayed from being a pop singer to leading a fashion empire—no easy feat for anyone, especially a mom of two.

Five hundred fifty students (and I) wanted to know how she does it. Luckily, Simpson served as Business of Fashion Dean during Teen Vogue’s 10th Annual Fashion University at the newly opened 1 World Trade Center in New York City, on a rainy Saturday and gave us a look at how she’s made it all work.

From music to TV to fashion to movies, there isn’t much Jessica hasn’t done—and conquered—with a can-do approach and a sense of humor. Her ambition has helped her take on everything. Well, everything within reason. “I don’t think there’s anything that’s not possible—except, I would never be a NASCAR driver,” she says with a smile. With her resume, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Perhaps she has a future in being a guidance counselor too. In my one-on-one interview, Jessica told me what advice she’d share with her teenage self, as well as what boosts her confidence, and the beauty products her little girl is getting into.

Yahoo Beauty: What makes you feel beautiful and confident?

Jessica Simpson: Being in love definitely makes me feel beautiful and confident, but I had to get to a place in my life where I could feel a reason to accept love.

What is your secret to being self-assured?

For me, I really just believe it’s about knowing yourself. It’s about understanding yourself. It’s about valuing yourself. And it’s okay to be weird. It’s okay to be quirky. It’s okay to be not trendy. It’s okay to be on trend. Every day we go through ups and downs, and it’s just accepting that and not putting too much pressure on yourself.

You had the confidence to move from music to fashion. What advice do you have for women looking to transition into new careers?

Transition is a beautiful thing. Transition builds character.In my life, it makes me grow as a woman, and as a mother, and as a wife. I really do say the sky is the limit.

You’re advising the group of young women here today. What advice would you give to your teenage self?

My teenage self was a little bit bullied because nobody believed that I was actually being honest about the career I knew I was going to have and that I was approaching. I was made fun of, but I would say to myself, “You’ll never know these people again if they treat you the way they’re treating you,” and to move ahead and meet new people.

I hear your daughter is getting into your makeup bag.

Unfortunately Maxwell really loves all of my makeup. Child lock doesn’t even make sense. There’s no child lock that really works!

What’s her favorite beauty products to play with?

She’s getting into everything: my YSLs, my Chanels, and she’ll walk around with my Fendi bag. I’m like, “That is not yours, Maxwell! Maybe one day—but that’s mom’s bag!” She definitely takes all of my makeup and puts it in there.

Does she have a liking for any other beauty tools?

Now she thinks that she can floss. She’s only two!

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Mom-of-two Jessica Simpson shared a sweet snapshot of son Ace Knute, 20 months, on Instagram Sunday.

“Ace with Maxwell’s pink guitar and Daddy’s shirt. Family is everything,” she captioned the image.

It looks like it was a busy weekend for the singer-actress-entrepreneur. Earlier that same day, Jessica posted a photo from her BFF, CaCee Cobb‘s baby shower.

“What a gorgeous day to celebrate my best friend @caceecobb and her new baby girl. So in love with this tablescape by @casadeperrin,” Jessica, 34, captioned the gorgeous place setting.



Jessica and her husband of nearly one year, former NFL star Eric Johnson, are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Maxwell.

In November, the proud mama shared a fun photo of Maxi getting into her makeup drawer.

“Unfortunately Maxwell really loves all of my makeup,” Jessica recently told Yahoo! Beauty. “Child lock doesn’t even make sense. There’s no child lock that really works!”

She added: “She’s getting into everything: my YSLs, my Chanels, and she’ll walk around with my Fendi bag. I’m like, ‘That is not yours, Maxwell! Maybe one day—but that’s mom’s bag!’ She definitely takes all of my makeup and puts it in there.”

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The singer and retail mogul revealed what catapulted her line to the top, her formula for everyday style and why she owes her love of fashion to cowboy boots.

We’ve seen Jessica Simpson in many roles—chart-topping singer, Daisy Duke, reality TV show judge, fashion designer and business woman—but we never thought we’d see her as a dean. She took on that role as a speaker at Teen Vogue‘s annual Fashion University last weekend. The event welcomed more than 550 students looking to learn more about the fashion industry from top influencers.

When it comes to launching a clothing brand, Simpson has succeeded where few other celebrities have. Her namesake line—which features 30 categories from apparel to accessories and shoes—now rakes in $1 billion per year. Clearly, Simposon was a perfect fit for speaking to the “Business of Fashion” concentration.

We stole a few minutes with the star to chat about what makes her collection appeal to so many women, how she first fell in love with fashion and the key to her personal style.

What has your experience been like knowing that all these young people, some aspiring designers,  look up to you?
“I’m inspired by everybody here today. It’s amazing to come full circle and know what it was like to actually dream of having what I have right now. It’s amazing to look into the eyes of all these girls and to try and understand their perspectives. I think it makes me a better designer. It makes me a better person and it makes me appreciate where I am.”

What is one piece of advice you’ve held on to while building your business?
“I’ve definitely held on to my mom throughout my career. She tell me what looks good and what doesn’t, but she also is the one who has inspired me so much. I think that’s why the Jessica Simpson collection has become a brand that reaches and appeals to women of all ages because my mom’s in there, I’m in there, Maxwell my daughter is in there, my sister‘s in there and my Nana. It’s every age.”

What piece of clothing made you first fall in love with fashion?
“I would definitely say it was my first pair of cowboy boots. I was young when I had them, probably 12. And they were red!”

How would you say your fashion sense has evolved through the years?
“I don’t even know if people understand my style. It’s definitely all over the place because I love fashion but I also love comfort. I like to mix and match. So, I would say that I’m definitely your everyday girl but I will spend the money too. I buy some things at Urban Outfitters, but I also  buy some things at Barneys and mix it all together.”



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