She’s looking more and more like Jessica Simpson every day!

The 35-year-old mother shared this new photo of her three-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew — and she definitely looks (and acts!) mature for her age.

In the shot, Max is rocking a fur coat with a white sweater and LOTS of attitude. Jessica rightfully captioned the image, “3 going on 13 #MAXIDREW.”


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Jessica Simpson took to ‘the gram’ to post an adorable pic of her and daughter Maxwell Drew doing the “kissy face” (admit it we all do it!).

What stood out to me was the naturalness to it- Jess looks makeup-free and to me that is the most gorgeous look for a woman to rock. And the fact that she’s confident enough to post it on Instagram is awesome. Yay for Jess + Maxwell! Setting a good example for her daughter that you don’t always have to be all made up to present yourself to the world. Love it.

Cute cousins or the cutest cousins?

Ashlee and big sister Jessica Simpson brought their respective broods together for some quality family time on Sunday, and the photographic evidence couldn’t be more adorable.

In one image, Jessica’s son Ace Knute, 2, whose father is Eric Johnson, snuggled up to Ashlee and Evan Ross‘s daughter Jagger Snow, 6 months.

Trendy tot Ace plopped a sweet kiss on Jagger’s head, which Jessica, 35, captioned, “Ace and Jagger #COUSINS.”



Ashlee, 31, shared a closeup of her new addition (she’s also mom to 7-year-old Bronx Mowgli, her son with ex Pete Wentz) on Instagram.

The wide-eyed baby girl already has envy-inducing lashes. “Them there eyes,” Ross, 27, added on his own version of the picture.



Jessica proceeded to document more of the family-first day, including the social media lesson she received from daughter Maxwell Drew, 3.

In the sweet snap, Maxwell perfectly puckered her pout for the camera — and advised her mom to do the same.

” ‘Be cool and kiss the camera mom’ – Maxwell Drew,” wrote the “In This Skin” singer.





Ace pulled some equally darling antics on Sunday, first hiding inside a giant pot and then, later, frolicking along a rock-lined beach.

“Ace always finds his way somewhere happy,” Jessica wrote of the second photo.