Partnerships between musicians and brands have been multiplying as of late. For many artists, it is a great way to make a few extra bucks, while brands get the cache of being connected to a well-liked figure. This is of course nothing new, but there have been more and more popping up, and sometimes they seem to be somewhat mismatched.

That’s what I first thought when I heard that pop star and fashion designer Jessica Simpson was partnering with Budget Rent A Car. But after speaking with the singer herself, this odd pairing  makes a lot more sense.

Here is what Simpson had to say about her new deal with the brand and how music is coming back into her life.

Tell me this Budget partnership. How did this come about?

I really feel like when I endorse any source of product, it always happens in an organic kind of way. My family and I, we actually rent a car weekly so we can dodge paparazzi, so we can actually have some quality time together. It felt like it was the right thing to endorse. In a lot of ways, it’s like a partnership with us, though. It was an easy that just happened.

What do you think has made your own brand so successful and been able to stick around for so long?

I think that I’m always there to support it. I don’t really know the reason why it has been so successful, other than the people that I do surround myself have definitely helped me obtain the success and continue the success. I just feel like anything in my life I want to develop a category out of, kind of. When I was pregnant, I did maternity. When I had my daughter, we started a kids’ line. Everything really just happened organically with any choice that I make in my career.

You got your start in the public eye as a musician, so what are the plans in that world?

I’m a musician. I feel like I’m always on a journey, and I feel like I’m always trying to learn how to be myself or to express myself. It’s exciting to be able to do it in my own home, but it’s also exciting to work with extremely talented people and people that actually are listening to me again. I’m rediscovering myself along with the people that I’m working with, so it’s exciting.

With your last album, you went into country. You tried something different. Before that, you were big in pop. Is it at all daunting, after stepping out for a bit to focus on your family and your brand, to come back to music and jump back in? Are you at all worried about what people will think, or does it just come naturally?

When it comes to music, I can’t ever worry about what people will think, or else I’ll never be able to write something. I believe that I’m in the right head space and the right frame of mind to be able to ground myself and know where things are coming from, and know what’s good and what’s bad. I don’t have to listen to anybody tell me what to do, and I can just do it on my own. That voice within myself is what’s gotten me everything that I have in life right now, so if I just listen to that, I think it’ll make great music.

Like I said, you’ve done pop. You’ve done country. You’ve done all that. What is something that you are listening to now, and is that influencing what you’re working on in the studio?

I think that when you work in the studio, it’s good to not listen to anything, to just only really be inspired by what you’re coming in it with. If I were to listen to a song before I went into the studio, I don’t want to write a song just like that. I’d rather come into the studio and have a jam session and just see what comes out in a vulnerable type of way.

I don’t really have a … There is no direction, whether it’s pop, country, rock and roll. It’s pretty much all of that. I feel like I’ve all my life through all that kind of music and through every genre. I think that you’ll get a direction from me. It’s just going to be mine. It feels good to sing again, I will say. It’s very liberating.

I can imagine. Any sense of when you’ll be able to share any of it with people?

I’m sure people will get some sneak peeks here and there coming up.




Jessica Simpson is back in the recording studio and has recruited acclaimed singer/songwriter Linda Perry for her new album.

The blonde beauty hasn’t released a record in six years, as she’s been focused on her family and role as CEO of her billion-dollar Jessica Simpson fashion brand.

But now the With You singer is ready to return to her music career and will mark her comeback by collaborating with Grammy nominee Perry.

Perry posted a photo of herself standing alongside a beaming Simpson in the studio, adding the caption: “Fun times with @jessicasimpson.”

Last year, Simpson revealed her singing plans by telling U.S. breakfast show Today that she had turned the basement of her Californian home with husband Eric Johnson into a recording studio.

Simpson and Perry reportedly first met earlier this year, when Perry co-hosted a party to celebrate the music she wrote for movie Freeheld. Simpson’s younger sister Ashlee Simpson was one of the performers, as well as Christina Aguilera, Jessica’s rumoured rival during the height of their pop careers in the late 1990s.

Perry was one of the lead producers on Aguilera’s massive 2002 album, Stripped, and she wrote and produced the singer’s hit track Beautiful.


Fun times with @jessicasimpson. 📷: @kristingram

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@jessicasimpson doing heartfelt vocals behind @reallindaperry ‘s drum set 🎤👍🏻

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I have to say Jessica Simpson is one of my favourite artists having had a career spanning an impressive 5 studio albums in addition to her 2 holiday albums. She took to Instagram yesterday to show off her new home studio in the process teasing that she could have started working on new material.



It is happening underground #donotwakethebabies

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In anticipation of what’s to come here’s a look at her career so far.



American singer Jessica Simpson shot to fame with her debut album “Sweet Kisses” and the first single “I Wanna Love You Forever” showed Simpson’s amazing voice and heartfelt emotion on this ballad. The single “I Think I’m In love” was an upbeat pop song that showed Simpson’s voice could adapt to a simple pop song but compared to her first single wasn’t vocally challenging like her first. The third single “Where You Are” reminded people of Jessica’s amazing voice. The album “Sweet Kisses” features ballads and up tempos which shows Jessica’s soprano range at its best.



Second album “Irresistible” saw Jessica arrive with a more mature sound that was of an R&B mix with pop. Irresistible was the first song to be released and saw Jessica vamp up her image to compete with other singers who’s music career was more popular by their image than their music. The album is filled with ballads and one Jessica dueted with Marc Anthony called “There You Were” showcasing powerful belts with emotional lyrics that give this song a believable story to the listener. Jessica’s voice really is at its powerful on the last track of the album which is “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”. Her emotional soul filled voice blends effortlessly when switching ranges in her voice and her upper belts show tremendous strength with ease.



Third Album “In This Skin” showed Jessica’s song writing skills and also coincided with the reality show “Newlyweds”. The song “With You” spoke of a personal message when your with the someone who you know will be there for you. Other songs on the album are “Angels” originally written and performed by Robbie Williams and “Take My Breath Away” recorded and released by “Berlin”. Both songs feature Jessica’s range and powerful belts.



Fourth album “Public Affair” features heartfelt emotion. On the track “Let Him Fly” Jessica is honest in her singing and gives the public an insight into her feelings and emotions at that time. Another track “Public Affair” is an upbeat pop song that was released the day before Jessica’s divorce was finalized and the video features a host of celebrities with a comedy skit plot line. Jessica Lends her vocals to “You Spin Me Round(Like A Record)” an original song by the band dead or alive. The album showcases a mixture of a mature pop with dance elements.



Fifth album “Do You Know” changed Jessica’s sound dramatically. Originating from Texas Jessica was driven to go back to her roots which was a “Country” sound. The album featured honest lyrics and this was showcased on the single “Come On Over”. Jessica received some negative feedback as people were quick to question was she really a “Country Artist” as regarding her previous material. Jessica was quoted”I don’t know what your perception is of Jessica Simpson or what tabloid you buy, but I just want you to know that I’m just a girl from Texas”. I think this was a brave move to create an album Jessica wanted to create as she could of stuck to the “pop” route and played it safe.



Jessica has also recorded two “Holiday” albums featuring classic carols and hymns which can be found and listened on “Rejoice: The Christmas Album” and “Happy Christmas” both showing Jessica’s vocal colours and textures on each song. Two perfect holiday albums that will get you into the Christmas spirit and will remind you of some popular hymns and carols that maybe you heard, when growing up.

Jessica Simpson is not only a gifted vocalist but she is an actress, fashion designer and business mogul as well as a mother to two children and a wife to Eric Johnson. If her Instagram is an indication she’s recording her sixth studio album then I’m really excited to hear the direction and sound this talented lady will present to us.