Video:Jessica Simpson Smolders in Sexy Styles
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Posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2013- filed under Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson, JessicaStyle.


Jessica Simpson rocks “heels with child,” and we are IN AWE.


¬†Jessica Simpson is the best pregnant heel-walker we’ve ever seen.

We gotta give it UP to our girl Jessica Simpson, because in case you’re not signed up to our “Jessica Simpson Baby Watch 2013” newsletter (how amazing would it be if that really existed?), J.Simps is pregnant AGAIN, not even a year after having her first adorbs baby, Maxwell. That said, it’s not like carrying a tiny person in her womb prevents Jessica from doing everything she wants… things like wearing skintight outfits and trotting around in thousand-inch stilettos while en route to a Valentine’s Day lunch with her fianc√©, Eric Johnson.

And by the way, this isn’t the “Where You Are” singer’s first time at the “pregnant in heels” rodeo, either! Because it was almost one year ago that Jessica first nailed her “heels with child” moment (Giiiiirl, we SALUTE YOU!), and now, exactly one year later, this baby-maker extraordinaire is nailing the heels game again. (No swollen ankles for THIS pop star.) And props on that baby pink blazer for Valentine’s Day, too! We totally aspire to be just like you down the line when we get pregnant! Unfortunately, as of now, the only thing we could even fathom wearing while carrying a mini-human around 24/7 is a head-to-toe spandex-onesie-sweatsuit with a fur-lined hood and extra padding on our feet. But maybe that’ll change? Yeah, probably not.




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