For most people, nothing is more personal than a weight loss journey, but Jessica Simpson is losing weight with the help of a close-knit group of friends. Jessica recently spoke with us about the power of friendship for weight loss, parenting and just staying sane.

MomFeeds: For a lot of people, losing weight is a solo sport, what made you turn it into a team effort?

Jessica Simpson: When I had Maxwell I gained a lot of weight. More than I thought I would. And when it came time to try to take it off, it felt overwhelming. Stepping on the scale and seeing that number was really scary. With a toddler on the run and an infant to look after, I knew I needed a plan that’s simple and fits into my life along with the support that’s so important to my success. I know Weight Watchers works so I got on the plan again.

MomFeeds: With a whole lot of friends! You actually created your own Weight Watchers group that meets in your home. How did you pick the women for your group?

JS: Most of the women in my group have been my friends for years. Not only are we very close, but we’re also all going through some of the same things in our lives. It makes it hard to not be accountable for what you’re doing. And we spend so much time together that we’re helping each other make better choices whether it’s choosing the menu for a business lunch or deciding where to go out for dinner on the weekend.

MomFeeds: What’s the vibe? Is this like friends hanging out?

JS: Well, we’re all good friends, but it’s a Weight Watchers meeting which keeps us focused. We have a Weight Watchers leader and she guides us through a topic. We celebrate each other’s successes, talk about challenges and how to tackle them. Then pretty much everyone has to take off right after to work or whatever.

MomFeeds: Do Ace and Maxwell crash your meetings?

JS: (Laughs) Maxwell usually gets some attention from everyone…and Ace is always an attraction because he is still a baby but they’re pretty good about giving us our time, and Eric’s a very hands on Dad. He’s not afraid to go two on one.

MomFeeds: You’ve been photographed in public more than you were right after Maxwell was born. Do you feel different this time around?

JS: I’m a lot more confident this time around. With Maxwell I didn’t think about the weight I was gaining and the first time I stepped on a scale and looked at the number…I mean that wasn’t a number I had ever even considered…and I was faced with a pretty serious truth. But since I had already done Weight Watchers, I didn’t put on as much weight with Ace and I just know a lot more now.

MomFeeds: What about Eric? Does he play a role in your group?

JS: He almost always pops his head in and he has been known to get a “bravo” or two just for being supportive! The great thing about Eric is that when he played football he was always conscious of his weight and either gaining or losing, so he knows what it’s like and he’s helpful. Plus he loves me and always makes me feel beautiful…so he’s awesome.

MomFeeds: And how about the ladies? Do you and your friends make “girls’ nights out” part of your plan?

JS: I wish! We do things together obviously outside of the meetings, but everyone’s got a job and most have a husband or boyfriend and kids now. So we get together for lunches and things – a lot of times it’s birthday parties, that kind of thing.

MomFeeds: Since Ace is your second, do any of your first-time mom friends come to you for advice?

JS: My friend Cacee just had her first…and yeah, she’ll call me and say “he won’t stop crying!!! What should I do?” I love that I’m considered an expert! But it’s great to have the perspective from the first one already. You know you’ve just got to keep calm and roll with things…and it helps to have a good sense of humor. I try to make her laugh.

MomFeeds: Any words of advice for new moms out there?

JS: I’m definitely no expert or the perfect mom. But I’ll tell you the thing I tell my friends: the way you love your child is just so natural, so instinctive, that if you just listen to your heart, you’ll be a great mom…so just relax and enjoy every second of it.

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    Comment by Mr London — October 30, 2013 @ 1:40 am

    Jessica is such a beautiful young woman and it’s great to see her getting in shape. She’s correct though, the mental aspect of weight loss is usually the hardest to overcome, having friends to push you on or comfort you after a slip is probably the best way to do it.

    Comment by sweethazzardteam — November 1, 2013 @ 2:32 pm

    I agree. I loved her post

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