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In the honor of Jessica returning to recording studio.

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Jessica Simpson‘s daughter already has an eye for expensive things.

According to the singer, Maxwell Drew knows how to mix-and-match her playthings with Simpson’s pricey cosmetics collection.

“She has completely taken over my makeup,” Simpson, 34, told Extra at the 2015 Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City.

“It’s unfortunate that her purse, which is probably like $3, has all of my Chanel lipglosses.”
But Maxwell isn’t just digging into her mom’s makeup: the 2½-year-old has been known to swipe a shirt from dad Eric Johnson‘s closet.

“Right now, her favorite fashion is her dad’s shirts and it’s funny because I always thought it was so romantic to wear your boyfriend’s shirt and Maxwell’s making that happen — her dad is her boyfriend,” she says.

It’s been five years, a wedding and two babies since her last record, 2010’s holiday collection Happy Christmas, but Simpson will soon be back in the studio as she begins work on a new album. And although other artists may be keen on using their kids’s voices as background vocals, the mom of two jokes that Maxwell and her younger brother, Ace Knute, 20 months, aren’t known to shy away from the spotlight.

“I have a recording studio in my house so I can be around my babies as well,” she explains. “They might try and sing over me, they won’t be my background vocalists, they’ll be like, ‘Ahhh,’ they’ll be upfront and personal.”

But while she’s making the move back into music, Simpson’s focus will always be on family— and fashion.

“I don’t know how I fit everything in my life, but somehow it just happens … My kids are absolutely my priority,” she explains.

“I’m starting a record and I’m getting into a lot of other fun things, [but] fashion will always be a part of who I am, it’s literally like, if I’m not wearing a good outfit, I can’t sing a good song.”

No word on if she’ll keep her twang a la 2008’s country crossover album, Do You Know, or return to her “Irresistible” pop roots.


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It’s been a little more than five years since former pop princess Jessica Simpson released an album. Busy promoting her billion-dollar fashion line, being a mom a, it seemed like Jessica would never again grace the pop world with her “irresistible” vocals. Much to our surprise Jessica has let it slip she’s working on new material!

While walking the Teen Vogue Fashion University — where Jessica was the Dean Speaker — the singer casually revealed to Extra that she’s working on a new album. In case you don’t remember, Jessica’s last album was Happy Christmas, a themed compilation true to its name, released way back in 2009. Since then Jessica has been working a more fashion-oriented crowd with her billion-dollar fashion label, the Jessica Simpson Collection. Jessica told Extra, “I have a recording studio in my house so I can be around my babies as well … and they might try and sing over me.” Adorable!

Don’t worry Jessica Simpson shoe-lovers, the singer swears she not done with fashion. “Fashion will always be a part of who I am,” Jessica tells Extra, “If I’m not wearing a good outfit, I can’t sing a good song.”

It’s been so long we aren’t really sure what to expect from Jessica, but we’re excited to see how this plays out.


Hope this will answer some of your questions :)

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Jessica Simpson’s got it all—a hot hubby, two beautiful children, a billion dollar fashion empire (that’s billion with a B, y’all), and a crazy hot figure—but this mommy mogul is just getting started.

“I’m not at my peak—I hope not,” she told E! News Saturday at Teen Vogue’s 10th Annual Fashion University event in New York. “I still have so much more I have to do!”

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tvf4 (1)

Class is officially in session.

It’s an exciting day at Teen Vogue’s New York City headquarters. Around 500 girls from around the globe are joining us at our new home in One World Trade Center for this year’s Fashion University to learn all about the business from our all-star speakers. And the dean of the event? None other than our first-ever cover girl Jessica Simpson, who filled us in on how she’s gone from musician to actress to one of fashion’s biggest female moguls.

During Jessica’s panel with editor in chief Amy Astley, she shared everything from what inspires her line to how she’s built such a successful career.

Here are 10 tips from the business woman herself.

1. Be inspired by everything around you.

I’m always inspired by women—even at the airport, just watching people walk through and seeing what they’re wearing. Then I’m also inspired by the runway models that I’ll never be tall enough to be. I really do believe it’s all about what you feel inside, and if you believe, that can transform into a brand or whatever you want it to be.

2. Learn from others.

You have to get to that place in your life where you really just listen to what you need and what you want. People might be more successful than you, but you should listen to those people and take their advice. Humility is the key. I’m inspired by all designers—I’m not sitting up here saying I’m a designer and I’m amazing at what I do. It’s OK to take that inspiration and try and incorporate it into your own life.

3. Use being the newbie in the business as a tool.

You need to know you’re a newcomer. Know your place and respect the people around you. Always listen. Listening is key because there are so many people out there who can help make your visions come to life. That’s success. But it’s hard—we have egos and sometimes we don’t want to listen.

4. Let being a woman empower you.

I really don’t feel intimidated by men. Intimidation is a normal way to feel, but I’ve gone through so many things in my life…even in my music career in the very beginning at 14 years old. But whether the experiences are good or bad, they lead you to where you’re supposed to be.

5. Don’t let anything (or anyone!) get you down.

I had so many let-downs—so much stuff to go through and try to persevere through. That’s what makes you beautiful. That’s what makes your clothes who you are, and that’s what makes your blogs what you want them to be. I had success—I’ll admit that—but I’ve also been through a lot of heartbreak. I’ve had to make decisions, and sometimes they were the right ones and sometimes they were the wrong ones. And that’s OK.

6. Turn your passion into a career.

My mom would always be the one who would dress me. I never wore the same thing twice—I was my mom’s paper doll that she dreamt about a long time ago when she was a little girl. That’s when I started to fall in love with clothes. We didn’t have money growing up—I was a minister’s daughter. There wasn’t a lot there, but we would go into department stores and she would create outfits for me.

7. Listen to your instincts.

Listen to yourself, know yourself, and know how to listen to yourself. Know what you want. It’s always going to change, and that’s OK. You go through so many different phases in your life, and I think it’s important to accept all those phases and understand them.

8. Know the key to success is simply being yourself.

I’m just being myself. I  say random things. I am who I am, and I think that’s what makes someone successful. That’s what everyone needs to know within themselves. It’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to say the wrong thing, it’s OK to stick your foot in your mouth sometimes.

9. Don’t let people tell you there’s something you can’t do.

I don’t define myself as a musician, actor, or designer—I feel like that’s never been part of my psyche. Even though I’ve been doing this since I was 14. I think you can be any and everything. Coming from a place of purpose is always the most important, whether you’re singing, acting, blogging, creating—whatever it is. You have to know you can achieve it, and you have to understand what your own purpose is. Even through all the trials and tribulations, there’s success.

10. Don’t care what other people think.

We’re always going to worry about what people think—honestly it’s every day of a woman’s life. But to be able to understand your inner beauty and the core of who you are and your heart, it doesn’t get more beautiful.

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While most people spend a rainy weekend watching Netflix and eating takeout, Jessica Simpson didn’t let the damp N.Y.C. weather mess with her style parade. The star made sure to wear all the biggest trends from fringe to floral and even knee-high boots!

The 34-year-old singer and fashion mogul channeled her inner hippie in a white tee, jeans and a pair of black knee-high boots during a shopping outing to Intermix in SoHo. She paired the eccentric ensemble with gold-and-turquoise jewels, big tousled waves and gorgeous glowy skin. She finished the look with a bright tangerine-hued coat with fringe trim.

For a date night with her husband Eric Johnson, Simpson opted for all black in a fringe-adorned mini dress and over-the-knee boots, accessorized with silky scarf worn as a headband, plus, a sultry smoky eye. It’s clear Simpson has a thing for fringe (especially considering her newest collection for her Jessica Simpson Collection was inspired by the Southwest).

For an event celebrating her new role as the “Dean” of Teen Vogue‘s Fashion University, Simpson chose an elegant belted black tea-length dress embellished with a blue-and-red floral design on the skirt, paired with heels and jewels from the Jessica Simpson Collection. At the event, the star spoke to young women about “making it” in the fashion industry — a feat she’s been mastering ever since stepping away from the music industry.

“Music? I just wanted to take break on it. It is in my heart and in my soul, but so is putting on a really great dress,” she told PEOPLE. “I just think we can do anything. So it’s not really about moving on from one thing to the other, it is kind of intermixing it all.”

Wrapping up Simpson’s stylish weekend is a sexy black-and-yellow floral sheath she teamed with a chic, textured handbag and a pair of nude patent leather pumps, which she told us should always be worn — even if they cause a little discomfort.

“The best fashion advice? To me, that’s the deepest question,” she shared. “I think the best fashion advice would be, ‘[Even] if your feet hurt, wear the shoes.’”


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