When isn’t busy expanding her billion-dollar empire, acting in a new movie or singing in the studio, the mother of two likes to hit the road with her family.

As the new brand ambassador for Budget Car Rental, Simpson spoke with The Huffington Post about her weekly penchant for renting cars. The cars make it easy to squeeze in some extra together time, as well as provide a disguise for Simpson and her family to escape the paparazzi.

Check out HuffPost’s candid conversation with Simpson about the paps and the awesome surprises she (literally) has in store for her fans:

Do you feel your interactions with paparazzi have changed over the years?

I really don’t know ever how to describe paparazzi other than, if I don’t have my hair and makeup done I really don’t want them [laughs]. It’s hard for me to know that my children are being photographed even when I’m not with them.

You post a lot of photos of your kids on social media. Is that a way to manage the paparazzi because you get to control the image you put out there? 

I don’t really believe that paparazzi control the image that I have, you know, at all. It really is me who controls my own image and I do take that very seriously. When I do post pictures of my kids on Instagram, it’s not necessarily trying to outdo someone else. I’m not trying to get something out there before someone else can, [but it’s] because I think my kids are beautiful and adorable.

They definitely are. Your kids are such stars. 

My kids have the biggest personalities ever, and I know every mom would probably say that about their children, but I guess I’m just one of those moms who likes to brag about how adorable their kids are.

Do you all enjoy going on road trips together? 

We definitely love going on road trips and it’s definitely in our Budget rental car, I’ll be honest. The kids love it. Eric and I listen to them banter back and forth and it’s like, “Oh, my gosh, can we just give them an iPad or something?” It reminds me of when I grew up and going on road trips with my sister and my parents. It’s always a sentimental time. Even if your kids [are] screaming, I feel like I’ll miss that one day. [Laughs]

Definitely. Is there a special soundtrack that you guys listen to in the car? 

Well, my daughter [Maxwell] really is a fan of of “Mikki Naj.” [Laughs] Not Nicki Minaj, “Mikki Naj.” That’s her inspiration at the moment. And Ace is — I could brag — but he has perfect pitch. He’s got such good tone. He can sing so well, but the words don’t always come out correctly. It’s cute, they both love music and they like to dance and circle around each other. My daughter is trying to learn to break dance at the moment, she has one move — she puts her hands down and puts her leg up like she’s break dancing.

That is so funny. Do you think you have two future stars on your hands? 

My kids are stars in my own eyes. I would never force the entertainment business on them or anything like that, but I do think they’re already more talented than me.

What kind of upcoming projects do you have planned? 

I mean, there are so many! I’m obviously continuing to expand the Jessica Simpson Collection and we’re looking into building stores, which is extremely exciting [Simpson couldn’t elaborate on the secretive first location]. I’m back in the studio — I’ve been in the studio all week.

It’s been a very exciting time to rediscover music and I definitely have so much inspiration. I’ve been in the music business for so long, and it’s interesting to see what I come up with as a mom and the perspective I have after all the records I have made and all the life situations I’ve been through. There’s a lot to talk about. There’s a lot to sing about. There’s a lot I feel like people will relate to.

The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Correction: This article has been updated to note that Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell calls Nicki Minaj “Mikki Naj,” not “Nicki Naj.” 




Partnerships between musicians and brands have been multiplying as of late. For many artists, it is a great way to make a few extra bucks, while brands get the cache of being connected to a well-liked figure. This is of course nothing new, but there have been more and more popping up, and sometimes they seem to be somewhat mismatched.

That’s what I first thought when I heard that pop star and fashion designer Jessica Simpson was partnering with Budget Rent A Car. But after speaking with the singer herself, this odd pairing  makes a lot more sense.

Here is what Simpson had to say about her new deal with the brand and how music is coming back into her life.

Tell me this Budget partnership. How did this come about?

I really feel like when I endorse any source of product, it always happens in an organic kind of way. My family and I, we actually rent a car weekly so we can dodge paparazzi, so we can actually have some quality time together. It felt like it was the right thing to endorse. In a lot of ways, it’s like a partnership with us, though. It was an easy that just happened.

What do you think has made your own brand so successful and been able to stick around for so long?

I think that I’m always there to support it. I don’t really know the reason why it has been so successful, other than the people that I do surround myself have definitely helped me obtain the success and continue the success. I just feel like anything in my life I want to develop a category out of, kind of. When I was pregnant, I did maternity. When I had my daughter, we started a kids’ line. Everything really just happened organically with any choice that I make in my career.

You got your start in the public eye as a musician, so what are the plans in that world?

I’m a musician. I feel like I’m always on a journey, and I feel like I’m always trying to learn how to be myself or to express myself. It’s exciting to be able to do it in my own home, but it’s also exciting to work with extremely talented people and people that actually are listening to me again. I’m rediscovering myself along with the people that I’m working with, so it’s exciting.

With your last album, you went into country. You tried something different. Before that, you were big in pop. Is it at all daunting, after stepping out for a bit to focus on your family and your brand, to come back to music and jump back in? Are you at all worried about what people will think, or does it just come naturally?

When it comes to music, I can’t ever worry about what people will think, or else I’ll never be able to write something. I believe that I’m in the right head space and the right frame of mind to be able to ground myself and know where things are coming from, and know what’s good and what’s bad. I don’t have to listen to anybody tell me what to do, and I can just do it on my own. That voice within myself is what’s gotten me everything that I have in life right now, so if I just listen to that, I think it’ll make great music.

Like I said, you’ve done pop. You’ve done country. You’ve done all that. What is something that you are listening to now, and is that influencing what you’re working on in the studio?

I think that when you work in the studio, it’s good to not listen to anything, to just only really be inspired by what you’re coming in it with. If I were to listen to a song before I went into the studio, I don’t want to write a song just like that. I’d rather come into the studio and have a jam session and just see what comes out in a vulnerable type of way.

I don’t really have a … There is no direction, whether it’s pop, country, rock and roll. It’s pretty much all of that. I feel like I’ve all my life through all that kind of music and through every genre. I think that you’ll get a direction from me. It’s just going to be mine. It feels good to sing again, I will say. It’s very liberating.

I can imagine. Any sense of when you’ll be able to share any of it with people?

I’m sure people will get some sneak peeks here and there coming up.




PARSIPPANY, N.J., April 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Budget Car Rental today announced a new series of broadcast commercials, featuring singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer Jessica Simpson.

Breaking today on television and online, Simpson serves as Budget’s brand ambassador in a series of advertisements offering consumers a special limited-time discount offer.

The first spot, called “Paparazzi,” — something Simpson is all too familiar with — illustrates how Simpson uses a Budget rental vehicle to dodge pesky photographers while promoting an offer to rent a sporty compact car for $17 on weekend days or $129 for a week-long rental.

Another spot, called “You’ve Arrived,” features Simpson talking to her phone and asking it to find her a family getaway. The phone directs her to a Budget SUV. The offer that accompanies the ad is for a sporty SUV for $23 on weekend days or $149 for a week-long rental.

“We believe that Budget is the leading value car rental brand in America and is ideal for anyone who wants to get away for the weekend or the week, or for avoiding the paparazzi if you’re an entertainment superstar,” said Scott Deaver, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Avis Budget Group. “Jessica Simpson embodies the joyful, exuberant entrepreneurial spirit of our customers and is a great fit for the brand. She’s a professional busy mom of two who values the time she spends with her family.”

“I like to be spontaneous with my family. We are always up for an adventure!” said Simpson. “Wherever we go, Budget Rental Car makes the experience easy, affordable and so much fun.”

Created by Budget’s advertising agency, Hello Creative, the 30-second spots will air on cable networks, including Animal Planet, AMC, Black Entertainment TV (BET), Bravo, CNBC, Cable News Network (CNN), DIY, ESPN2, Food Network, Golf Channel, Home and Garden TV (HGTV), History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, MSNBC, MTV2 and Women’s Entertainment (WE). The television campaign will be supported by digital placements including banner ads on multiple websites, emails to Budget customers and presence on Budget.com.

About Budget
Budget Car Rental is one of the world’s best-known car rental brands with approximately 3,500 locations in more than 120 countries. Budget is an industry leader in providing vehicle rental services to value-conscious travelers and also operates one of the largest local and one-way truck rental businesses in the United States, through a network of approximately 1,550 locations. Budget is owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:CAR), which operates and licenses the brand throughout the world. For further information, visit www.budget.com.

About Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is an American entertainment, music and style icon. Born and raised in Texas, Jessica made her music debut in 1999. Her single “I Wanna Love You Forever” reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and fueled the success of her double-platinum debut album, Sweet Kisses, which sold 4 million copies worldwide. Three of her seven studio albums have been certified gold, and 2003’s In This Skin went triple-platinum. She most recently starred on television in NBC’s hit Fashion Star and Jessica Simpson’s Price of Beauty. Among her several movie credits, Jessica is best known for her role as “Daisy Duke” in The Dukes of Hazzard movie adaptation. Simpson launched The Jessica Simpson Collection in 2005 and partnered with Sequential Brands in 2015. Now, in 32 categories, the Jessica Simpson Collection is a billion dollar brand, available at over 2,500 points of distribution in 62 countries worldwide. Jessica has been nominated for several awards for her work including American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, and has won People Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and VH1 Awards. She has lent her time and support to philanthropic efforts including Operation Smile, The USO, US Military Families, Make-A-Wish®, Baby Buggy™ and March of Dimes®.



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Saturday night Jessica Simpson slipped into a tight blue dress as she celebrated her friends birthday with her husband Eric Johnson as well as her sister Ashlee and her spouse Evan Ross at The Sherman Bar in Sherman Oaks, California.