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Jessica with one of the designers from her line.

How AMAZING does she look? Love the lips. ADORE the Hair.

I sense Jessica saves her best looks for her private life and business meetings and not the paparazzi.


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No. That one word can make life feel like a series of doors closing in one’s face. From Marilyn Monroe to Oprah, some of the world’s most influential women grew very familiar with that routine early on in their careers. Marilyn worked in a factory before she became the most famous actress in the world, and Oprah turned a major demotion in local news into an opportunity for a national talk show. Their examples of perseverance serve as a reminder that Hollywood history has been paved by people who channeled their disappointment into onward momentum. Keep reading to learn the real stories about some of our favorite stars, including Jennifer Aniston,Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson, and tell us who inspires you the most.

Marilyn Monroe

In less than a decade, Norma Jeane Mortenson transformed herself from a soldier’s wife and factory worker into Marilyn Monroe, a model and movie star. Along the way, the Los Angeles native faced major setbacks. In 1949, after 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures dropped her, she posed nude for $50. Despite the more desperate times, the following year, the actress was cast in The Asphalt Jungle, which made her a noteworthy name in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston

In 1989, Jennifer Aniston wasn’t an A-lister, but rather an on The Howard Stern Show. The shock jock spent part of her appearance speculating about her breast size. Despite being cast in a few shows, none of them took off, and the actress was desperate for her big break. Years later, Warren Littlefield, the former president of entertainment at NBC, shared a conversation he had with Jennifer. “[It's] 10:30 p.m. at night on Sunset Boulevard,” he said. “I’m at the Chevron station gassing up, and Jennifer is over at the other island, and she comes over, and she says, ‘Is it ever going to happen?’ and I say, ‘We believe in you. I love you. I so believe in your talent, I’m sure it will.’ A few months later, we handed her the Friends script.

Lucille Ball

A 15-year-old Lucille just couldn’t compete with her classmate Bette Davis at John Murray Anderson School of Drama in NYC; she was eventually dismissed for being “too shy.”. Still, Lucille spent nearly 20 years trying to make it big. Finally, she scored a breakout role in 1948′s . Two years later, Lucille and her husband, Desi Arnaz, became household names overnight when their CBS show, I Love Lucy, attracted millions of viewers. Lucy and Desi revolutionized TV, and their storytelling methods can still be found in modern-day sitcoms.

Scarlett Johansson

In 1995, 11-year-old Scarlett tried out for a role in. Despite delivering an adorable portrayal of Judy Shepherd in her audition tape, the part went to Kirsten Dunst>. Three years after, Scarlett finally caught the world’s attention in The Horse Whisperer, leading her on the path to eventually becoming a Golden Globe-nominated actress.

Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah Winfrey as we knew it wouldn’t have been a reality had Oprah not received a demotion early in her career. On April 1, 1977, Oprah’s boss at WJZ-TV in Baltimore told her she’d no longer be an evening news anchor and would be moved to morning cut-ins. “I was devastated,” she said. “I knew it was a horrible demotion.” Eventually, Oprah was tapped to cohost the station’s new daytime talk show, People Are Talking, a job one of her colleagues described as “the last thing in the world she wanted to do.” In 1984, Oprah left the gig behind for a move to Chicago, where she hosted on her own. She soon beat TV titan Phil Donahue, the show was renamed after Oprah,and it went into national syndication. The rest is history.

Jessica Simpson


We’ve seen Jessica wear several hats over the years — singer, actress, and, most recently, Founder and COO at the helm of an empire reportedly worth billions of dollars. Life wasn’t always so golden for the star, though. The gospel music label that represented Jessica went bankrupt when she was a kid, temporarily halting her platinum dreams. At 13, Jessica auditioned for Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, competing with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for a coveted spot on the show. Recalling her audition after watching Christina sing, Jessica later said, “I froze and forgot everything.”

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Classy wedding setting

“Jessica and Ashlee are very close and really supportive with each other, especially since both weddings are coming up,” a source exclusively tells E! News.

“They have been doing lots of wedding stuff together. During this wedding process they both have been talking to each other about their ideas, even though they both are having very different weddings.”
Jessica, who will be tying the knot with fiancé Eric Johnson over the July 4 weekend, is planning a “classic and modern” wedding, our source says, while Ashlee is shooting for more of a “Bohemian-style vibe” when she swaps vows with Evan Ross on Aug. 31.

Each plan sounds totally in keeping with the personalities of the brides-to-be, both of whom will be tying the knot for the second time.
The sisters appear to have done their research as well, going out on dates together and otherwise sizing up their future brothers-in-law.

While Jess is super-excited for her sis to marry Evan, her family also is “a big fan” of Eric.
They think “he is such a kind-hearted person and dad,” the source says. “Ashlee gets along with Eric very well and is so excited for them to tie the knot…She considers him like an older brother.”

As for Johnson, a former NFL player, he’s taking a step back and letting his future wife put the finishing touches on their wedding.
She is “all hands-on for her wedding and her husband…is sitting back and enjoying letting Jessica make a lot of the decisions for their wedding day. He is a very laid-back guy and just loves seeing Jessica happy, especially on her big day.”
And we love that about him!

Back in January, Jess talked about her upcoming nuptials and how it’s important not to forget the real reason why their guests will be in attendance.
“It’s easy to get wrapped up in things when you are planning your wedding,” she said during a Google Plus live chat. “It’s easy to get stressed out about it, and put pressure on yourself. I mean your man proposed to you, so you don’t have to do anything for him, he already likes you the way you are. So, really it’s just about finding the love within yourself, and accepting the love that everybody is basically there giving you.”

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Just click the images to find out. Bed bath and beyond and younkers. If you know of more, please do share.


Love the pillows. How very southern is this one? super cute!!


Thanks B. <3

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I love the whole vibe of it.


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Love is all around <3


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Jessica Simpson Lands at LAX Airport

Here’s Jessica Simpson, arriving back in LA after a few days in NYC, carrying a Saint Laurent Studded Sac de Jour Bag and wearing a pair of what seem to be her favorite shoes – the Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. She’s tied it all together with what appears to be an extremely fashionable sweatsuit which looks pretty ideal for air travel. You can find Jessica’s Saint Laurent bag at Bergdorf Goodman, and her Saint Laurent shoes are available at Barneys.

We’ve seen Jessica wearing different Janis pumps several times before, and this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen her wearing them at an airport. The woman loves Janis pumps, and they do seem particularly on-brand for her look. Jessica also owns a modest assortment of Saint Laurent handbags, of course, which you can view in “The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson.”Jessica Simpson’s handbag collection is (unsurprisingly) very Jessica Simpson.

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Jessica Simpson seemed to have an eventful, and appetizing, time in New York City.

The bride-to-be recently spent some time in the Big Apple with a few of her nearest and dearest, and E! News has learned that during her time on the East Coast, Simpson went out for a night of some fine dining with her mom and a couple of gal-pals at the Viceroy’s Kingside restaurant.

A source tells us that the blond beauty was super sweet, adding, however, that she didn’t eat a lot. According to the insider, Simpson didn’t order anything herself, but picked at appetizers that had been ordered for the table.

The dishes included Hay-Aged Pecorino Toast, Crispy Baby Artichokes, Baby Vegetable Crudite and Shaved Kale Salads with some vodka cocktails to wash everything down.

“She got a lot of attention. Everyone was asking if it was really her. She was very gracious and left a really nice tip,” source tells us.

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