Come May, Jessica Simpson will have a 4-year-old on her hands … who is large (well, tiny, actually) and in charge!

The newly appointed Budget Car Rental’s brand ambassador tells PEOPLE that her smartypants daughter Maxwell Drew has all the brains.

“Maxwell will be 4 May 1 and she might be wiser than me,” Simpson, 35, says with a chuckle. “She definitely has model poses. I was never born to be a model, but my daughter, she’s just got something in her that makes people want to trike a pose.


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The fashion designer, who also has son Ace Knute, 2, with husband Eric Johnson, admits that her little girl takes her responsibilities as an older sister very seriously.

“She definitely lets her brother know that she’s the oldest and that she is in charge,” Simpson says. “Ace is finally starting to stand up for himself.”
The proud mom, who says that she and Ashlee Simpson rely on each other for parenting advice, admits that she sometimes confuses her daughter for her sister.

“I always get Ashlee and Maxwell confused because they are pretty much the same person,” she says. “I call my daughter Ash, and Ash, Max … all the time! I do it just around the house and I’m like, ‘Sorry, guys.’ Ash takes it as a compliment because Maxwell is pretty fabulous.”

Despite having two kids under 4, Simpson says that her family really does enjoy going on road trips “all the time.”

“[The kids are] always very chill in the car unless they’re bantering back and forth,” says Simpson. “And then me and Eric just have to tune them out. Just let them talk back and forth and get through it. They’re brother and sister!”

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Jessica, Cacee and friends celebrate Nicole Chavez birthday in Cabo on 3/2016



The year is 2005, and Jessica Simpson is at the apex of her career. The pop star had become almost as ubiquitous as fellow starlets Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera; her reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica became a cultural phenomenon, and the star had become a household name after performing at Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show the previous year.

But it was 2005 that brought one of the most iconic images of the early aughts: Simpson, in a tight shirt and her cutoff shorts, as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard remake. This image became the only saving grace of an otherwise uninspired remake.

Over the weekend, Simpson served up a slice of nostalgia on a silver platter when she stepped out in a bikini and her Daisy Dukes in Cabo.



After nearly 11 year, Simpson’s still got it. And when I am king, Daisy Dukes will be mandatory beachwear.