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Jessica Simpson rang in her 35th birthday in style and PEOPLE has all the fun and fabulous details!

The singer-turned-fashion mogul rented a private plane and jetted to St. Bart’s for a week-long celebration.

On the guest list: 30 of her closest friends and family, including husband Eric Johnson and her mother, Tina.

“She rented a few yachts – ‘his’ and ‘her’ yachts. The girls were on one and the boys were on the other,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They spent the days island hopping.”



Simpson was all about letting loose during the trip and the beautiful weather was an incentive to show off her toned figure. When she wasn’t in a bathing suit, she still turned heads in curve-hugging mini-dresses.

During the tropical getaway, the partygoers rode Jet Skis, snorkeled and enjoyed candlelit dinners (fresh seafood and even a mac and cheese bar one of the nights!) catered by a personal chef.

On July 10, the night of her birthday, the group attended a burlesque themed bar where everyone dressed head-to-toe in costumes.



“She got a lot of sentimental gifts from friends and stuff for her new music studio – and some jewelry and a guitar,” adds the source.

And like with any epic birthday bash, there were plenty of pictures to remember the occasion with.

“I love these vacation babes,” Simpson captioned an Instagram photo.

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Go girl! Jessica Simpson is already killing 35. The songstress turned fashion designer mogul rang in her 35th birthday with a bevy of friends during a luxurious party-filled, two-week vacation in St. Bart’s.

Simpson chartered about 20 friends and family, including husband Eric Johnson and celeb pals Odette and Dave Annable, via a private jet to the island, kicking off the 14-day bash on July 6. One insider tells Us that the singer’s mom, Tina, also brought along two of her best friends.

According to one source, Simpson and her pals giddily exited their plane upon arrival and it looked like the party had already begun.

“When they got off the plane, the girls were all dancing and skipping around, ready to party,” the observer tells Us. “They were holding hands and so excited to have arrived in a beautiful destination.”

After making their way to their hotel in St. Bart’s, the group kept the party alive, soaking up the sun and playing with Jet Skis in the Caribbean sea when not yachting. “They rented a boat a few of the days so they could go snorkeling and cruising around the bay,” the insider adds.

The birthday girl also channeled her inner water girl. “Jess surprised everyone with her amazing jet-skiing skills!” a partygoer tells Us. “She was a pro and a daredevil.”

On Simpson’s actual birthday, July 10, the group celebrated with a Native American-themed party, the first source reveals. “Everyone wore giant feather headdresses and painted their faces. They partied all night long and slept for most of the day. Even when they got up, Eric and a bunch of her friends were still wearing their costumes. They definitely had a lot of fun and didn’t want it to end.”

Following her bash, they spent the day at Nikki Beach St. Barths on July 12, and according to another source, stayed at the venue until around 5 p.m. enjoying the Sunday brunch, music, and overall vibe.

To top it all off, the group also celebrated at a restaurant featuring a burlesque show, where they danced in costume, the attendee revealed.


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Say hey, good lookin' – what ya got cookin'? @jessicasimpson

A photo posted by Kristin Burns (@kristingram) on

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Jessica Simpson showed off her totally ripped legs on Saturday while sharing a vacation photo on Instagram.

“I love these vacation babes,” Simpson, 35, wrote alongside a photo of herself posing in a black one-piece swimsuit with friends Lauren Harrison and Stephanie Pearson.

This isn’t the first time that the singer and mom-of-two has put her toned legs on display.

Back in December, Simpson’s fit frame made headlines when she posed in a black minidress.

Last March, Simpson’s longtime trainer, Harley Pasternak, shared the secrets to her killer legs with PEOPLE, which includes single leg deadlifts and a “Sumo squat.”

“We usually alternate between doing quads one day and hamstrings and glutes or butt the next, and then inner thighs,” Teri Ann Krefting, one of Pasternak’s trainers, told PEOPLE about working with Simpson 4-5 times per week for about 45 minutes per day.

One thing’s for sure – Simpson’s hard work is clearly paying off!



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Jessica Simpson is an extremely successful businesswoman with a fashion line that is a billion dollar business. Before she added “designer” to her résumé she was inspiring your style back in the 2000′s and late 1990′s. Jessica and her Daisy Duke shorts are part of the reason everyone has become addicted to jorts. Jessica also made you want a pair of UGG boots and a monogrammed designer bag more than you already did. And then of course there was her shiny Barbie blonde hair you tried to copy but could never quite get it to look as good.

This is why we wanted to raid Jessica Simpson’s closet:

1. She could pull off a jumpsuit as well as a dress.


Rompers and jumpsuits have always been considered tricky to pull off. The wrong style can give you a permanent wedgie or look like you’re trapped in the 1970′s. Jessica worked a jumpsuit as well as any dress. She even made a case for the boiler suit.

2. She had the best bags.


When I say “best bags” I mean she had a collection of Louis Vuitton bags. She had the classic brown one, but she also had the white one with the multicolored logos which was your ultimate dream bag.

3. She made us really want to own a white suit.


Did we have any place to wear it? No. Was it practical? Not really. Did that stop us from wanting one? Nope. There was something about Jessica’s head-to-toe tailored white outfits that we liked. They looked fresh and not like regular stuffy office suits. The lack of a blouse helped.

4. Jessica made boho glam.

The Olsen twins and Sienna Miller‘s versions of boho had a bit too many layers and one random scarf too many. Jessica nailed the boho trend. Translation: She threw on a small floppy hat and a long necklace and we decided to start calling it “glamorous boho.5. Jessica helped make the tracksuit a thing.

5.  Jessica helped make the tracksuit a thing.


We loved Newlyweds for the hilarious one-liners (the tuna/chicken thing is still a classic). However, we also enjoyed the show because we got to get a good luck at Jessica’s casual looks which were often comprised of a tracksuit, hoop earrings and a designer bag. That was how you wanted to relax.

6. She proved that there was no such thing as a pair of sunglasses that were “too big.”


Bug-eyed sunglasses were all the rage back in the day. Somehow Jessica convinced us that you could never buy a pair of sunglasses that were too big for your face. The bigger they were, the cooler you looked, and the more sun protection you had.

7. Jessica knew the importance of a hat.


A hat is often the cherry on top of a great look and Jessica knew that. The 2000′s were all about hats and Jessica had a collection of floppy hats, newsboy caps and fedoras that hat-loving Justin Timberlake was probably jealous of.

8. Jessica made everyone want to own 10 different pairs of jean shorts.


I’m pretty sure you can thank Jessica for 67% of the jean shorts sold in the mid 2000′s. Jessica/Daisy Duke made us realize our wardrobe was missing all of the wide variety of jorts available from cutoffs to high-waisted ones to teeny shorts with teeny cuffs.

9. She got us into cowboy boots.


Jessica was one of the people who made us realize how great UGGs were, but her other great contribution to footwear was popularizing cowboy boots. It didn’t matter where you lived, you needed a pair of cowboy boots. What else was going to do with your frayed denim shorts?

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