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There is only one word for this Nov 2003 and that is ICONIC

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 12, 2011 with 1 Comment

They changed the welcome picture. And if you haven’t seen the behind the scenes video, you can by clicking on the image:

Or you can check it in our prior post or check the screen captures in the gallery:

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I admit I was reluctant to post this. Yet, I feel I must. I feel, us as fans, need to know our boundaries.
Love should never be turned into something toxic.
Jessica is first of all a woman and a human being, with rights and needs like all of us who don’t have tabloids following us. Those should be respected.
This is what a fan – this is what the blog chose to call him. Usually they choose Stalker, which I think is the right word here – did:

An obsessed fan who has tried to contact Jessica Simpson for years has taken it to a whole new level — writing a book about their alleged affair … despite the fact that they’ve never met.

Sources close to Simpson tell TMZ they have been dealing with him for years. We’re told her security team has a profile on him and they are aware he is now selling a book online.

The 30 page paperback has the catchy title and it’s being sold online.
According to our sources, Burchell had puppies sent to her home when her beloved Daisy went missing and once got a hold of Jess’ phone number. His calls and texts forced her to eventually change it.

We contacted Burchell … and part of his 1,732 word response was, “This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me.”

Burchell also wants to challenge Jess’ fiance Eric Johnson to a marathon — winner gets to marry Jessica.

We’re told Jessica has not contacted police … yet. Her reps had no comment.

I have edited parts.

We, as fans, often believe we have some right over famous lives, because we believe we “made them”, therefore they owe us things: Attention, replies, tweets, shout-outs …
They owe us nothing.
Love should come with NO price tag attached. Once we put a value on our love and appreciation it stops being love and changes to interest and greediness.
Jessica does so much for her fans. A LOT. And another proof is how she handled this. Any other and this man will have a warrant set out on his name. The only person having to deal with “severe trauma and pain” from all this is Jessica.

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There are moments when words are needed, yet no words are ever good enough.
Jessica linked a friend’s blog whose words have a much greater impact, since she is still living the aftermath of the events. Click bellow.

September 11

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Social commerce company BeachMint—founded by MySpace co-founder Josh Berman and serial tech entrepreneur Diego Berdakin—is launching on Oct. 1 with singer/designer Jessica Simpson and Beverly Hills skincare expert Nerida Joy. According to BeachMint, BeautyMint will be a personalized monthly skin care system featuring exclusive products developed by Joy, which will combine the “most advanced anti-aging technology and science with natural ingredients.”

BeautyMint is the latest addition to the expanding roster of BeachMint brands, which already include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s StyleMint and Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter’s JewelMint. BeachMint’s brands offer members unique personalized shopping experiences, incredible content and exclusively designed products every month.

BeautyMint marks BeachMint’s foray into consumable product categories.

“I believe every woman is unique and I am thrilled to launch a skincare system and beauty brand that recognizes and embraces these differences,” said Simpson. “I’ve been lucky enough to have access to the best products and treatments available so I’m excited that there’s finally an affordable brand that offers women personalized skincare with the most advanced products that maintain youthful, healthy skin. I love the BeautyMint system and what it’s done for my skin so I can’t wait to make it available to women everywhere.”

BeautyMint members will take a skin questionnaire to identify their skin type and specific concerns so BeautyMint can personalize the right system to target each member’s needs.

“I’ve been working with skin for over thirty years and I know how skin changes over time and how it varies from woman to woman. There is no one system that is right for everyone, which is why I’m excited to introduce a program that is customized to every woman’s skin,” said Joy. She said BeautyMint program will allow her to provide the “same advice and quality of product my loyal celebrity clients receive in my Beverly Hills center.”

Last June, BeachMint secured a $23.5 million round of funding led by Scale Venture Partners and Lightbank, the technology investment fund started by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, cofounders of Groupon. With this funding, the irecent launch of StyleMint, and JewelMint’s continued growth, BeachMint plans to launch BeautyMint this fall and additional brands in other consumer product categories in coming months, the company said in a press statement.


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Jessica Simpson knows her customers “might live in jeans and a T-shirt, but they love a little sparkle, too,” the designer tells Life & Style. That’s why she is adding to her fashion empire with a line of fine jewelry, which will land at Zales and Peoples stores in October. Her fave piece? “The butterfly pendant in rose gold,” she says. “[It’s] so feminine, and to me, it symbolizes a free spirit.”


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In remembrance of Jessica’s last (non festive) Album, this video of album track ‘Still beautiful’ is bound to life your spirits and get you in a positive frame of mind.

The featured girl in the video is definitely ‘still beautiful’.



Posted by on Sep 09, 2011 with 4 Comments

Do You Know was Jessica’s country album. Yet, to me, it had no labels. To me it was Jessica’s first mature album. The one who portrait her broken heart and how she faced the world when life didn’t go the route she planned it to be. Had powerful, deep, raw songs like Remember That , that focus abused and inspired so many to take their heart and run from it. Sipping on History of a love story who didn’t had a happy ending. Still don’t stop me, about those wrong loves that we know are bad for us but we still can’t let go and Pray out loud and Still beautiful to show us that life, no matter how dark it may seem at times, it is always a gift. It is always worthy. And it will always get better if we keep trying. This is what I hope Jessica’s next album will be: honest, inspiring, deep and raw. Sprinkled with her powerful vocals.

Written by Veruska&Ritovskyta

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