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This site is made by fans to the fans. In no way it is related to Jessica Simpson, her manager, label or anything else connected with Jessica. She, and her staff are in no way responsable for anything said on this site. The fansite and content are copyrighted to SH.com. Pictures, audios and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement is ever intended.
Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 26, 2011 with 1 Comment

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 26, 2011 with 1 Comment

My pick, regarding the new arrivals for the Fall line are:
ALSTER ; ALISIN ( The ones Jess is wearing in the pic above) ; GILLY ; AURA ( although not this color. I like the kind of tan ones Jess has in the ad where she’s standing up and wearing a skirt) TYLERA and DAPHNE … What’s yours?

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 26, 2011 with 11 Comments

Jess and Eric:

Leaving Family Vacation

How can this girl get prettier by the day? what a posh look she has going on there! And looks likes she’s rocking chanel peridot …

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 26, 2011 with 1 Comment

Jessica Simpson and her friends and family keep enjoying Mexico. Nicole who is also in the country Joined in later while they were having lunch. Jess looked cute with her beautiful hair in a ponytail and a colorful cover up.

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 24, 2011 with 2 Comments

I love Tumblr. We find amazing art there. Here’s a cute one with Outtakes from the Usweekly party:

Made By: http://iheartjessicasimpson.tumblr.com/

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 23, 2011 with 1 Comment

Lounging by the pool and chatting away. The whole family was there and Ashlee was rocking a cute two pieces =)

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 23, 2011 with 8 Comments

She is candid as always and talks about everything regarding the album, Willie, Dolly, the song writing production, Pop music, tabloids …. if you haven’t seen it, you MUST!

Thanks NIKKI!

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Sep 23, 2011 with 2 Comments

I recently went to a preview for BeautyMint, part of the BeachMint umbrella of websites that pairs products with celebrities – they’ve got JewelMint with jewelry designed by Kate Bosworth and StyleMint with t-shirts designed by the Olsen twins. The new beauty site launches at the end of October and is endorsed by Jessica Simpson and backed by celebrity esthetician Nerida Joy. I was skeptical to say the least when I walked into the launch event. Like the other Mint sites you sign-up and take a quiz, in this case it pertains to your skin, after that you’re given a regimen of skincare products that includes five ($39.95) or six ($49.95) products for you to use. The travel-size products are then sent to you and you automatically will get a new skincare kit sent to you every month.

The reason I’m not a member of any of the Mint sites – and believe me I’ve been very tempted by a number of the StyleMint tees (one in particular that was printed with “no…is a full sentence”..love it!) – is that I don’t like that you are automatically “opted in” to have a new product sent to you every month. I don’t want to have to remind myself to opt out if I don’t want a product after buying it one month. For skincare specifically however where it’s not about necessarily finding a new product, but an effective one I can see the benefit of not having to think about replenishing your supply and automatically getting new ones sent to you every month. The one issue is that you always have to get an entire kit since there’s no way to buy products individually. That said BeachMint is very open to customer feedback so that could change if others feel the same way. Jump for more!

The business model aside, I was able to chat with Nerida and she’s awesome. Well-spoken, poised, and at the age of 50 has wonderful skin. She works with countless celebs including Jennifer Garner and it’s clear that she wouldn’t put her name on anything she doesn’t believe really works. To that end, the line of BeautyMint products is packed with active ingredients, so they’re really counting on high volume because despite their frugal price-points these products are not inexpensive to produce. I have yet to try the products for myself so I can’t attest to how effective or not they were for me, but I spoke to a number of people involved with the venture and extensive studies were done to test their efficacy, including video documentation that will be up on the site when it launches.

The big draw, aside from the skincare products, from my perspective, is the amount of informative information that the site promises to deliver. There is a TON of info out there on skincare, but not very much of it is reliable. BeautyMint not only allows for a streamlined process of buying beauty products, but it delivers reliable content and the truth is just by using the right cleanser (a non-foaming one so skin isn’t stripped of moisture – something Nerida highlighted time and time again), and applying products the right way, in the right amounts can make a world of difference. The site is launching with eight products, but more will be added in the coming months.
source: www.beautysnob.com – Sharon

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