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Posted by sweethazzardteam on Jan 21, 2011 with 3 Comments

Know the amazing Happy Christmas CD Jess put out this last season? Tricky produced it. Great album, right? seems he’s also thankful for having being given the chance to work on it.

TrickyStewart: 2010 was a GREAT year for me & my team S/O to @katyperry @ciara #BurlesqueMovie #MichaelJackson & @JessicaSimpson for allowing me to create!

He does some amazing work this guy. Hope He manages to work with Jess soon enough. Although she has so much going on this year… we’ll see..

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 with 3 Comments

His parents, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, are both musicians, but little Bronx prefers to rock out to his aunt Jessica Simpson’s tunes. According to proud pop Pete, the 2-year-old tot can’t get enough of Jessica’s 2010 holiday album, Happy Christmas. “His current favorite record is his aunt’s Christmas record. He likes that a lot! I’m not sure if he totally connects to Jessica, but that’s his favorite,” Pete told In Touch at the grand opening of his bar, Angels & Kings, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago on January 20, where the rocker performed with his new band, Black Cards. With his mom, dad and aunt already big music industry acts, could Bronx be a future star? “I don’t think I’d ever push him to do it,” Pete added, “but if he wanted to do it, sure!”


How sweet :)

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 with 773 Comments

I like this casual style. The capelet turtleneck sweater looks so stylish, and must be very warm. Paired with leopard print handbag and oversized fashion sunglasses, Jessica Simpson looks so classy. This winter look definitely stands out.

Jessica Simpson is one of the most desirable women celebrities. Lots of women learn from her for fashion ideas like on fashion hairstyling, fashion shoes, and fashion sunglasses.

Undoubtedly it is largely attributed to her great success in singing. She has served up numerous achieved 7 Billboard Top 40hits, and 3 gold and 2 Multi- Platinum albums.

She has her own sense of fashion, and her style has been copied all across the world. Fashion sunglasses are also one of the most essential accessories for her to make fashion statement. Now, let’s see what sunglasses Jessica Simpson likes.

Personally, I like Jessica Simpson with oversized sunglasses.

Marc Jacobs 107/S
The classic aviator style seems to the beloved of celebrities including Jessica Simpson. Marc Jacobs 107/S is designed in aviator style, and there is nothing particular any more. I think it is rather ordinary. But Jessica Simpson knows clearly about matching as she pairs her sunglasses with large hoop earrings, which looks gorgeous.

Dior Glossy 1
Jessica Simpson looks so pretty with Dior sunglasses. Such classic style makes a woman look rather elegant and charming. In this style of fashion sunglasses, Jessica Simpson gives us a different style compared to her normal style.


Posted by sweethazzardteam on Jan 21, 2011 with 2 Comments

I completely forgot about this. Jess’ last birthday. I asked my sister to do a video of some sort but something happened and I end up making this rookie video. I only had the Portuguese version at the time – that I still keep: JessicaSimpsonOnline check it out – and I wanted to have a Portuguese flavor, so I used a fun song in my language, and some quotes about age, I love. It is SO unfinished, but it was my very first and only video till this day.

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Jan 21, 2011 with 1 Comment

She drives incredibly well. I mean, she’s like freaking Batman.” - Mary Phillips

Great!!! She’s been out running the paps for the last couple weeks. Hope she keeps on going!! All they want is to turn a rumor into reality and to push people out of their way so they can take pics and be a bit wealthier due to them. This is a great quote, also:

“Rumor travels faster, but it don’t stay put as long as truth. ”
— Will Rogers

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 with 7 Comments

I often wonder where do the tabloids get their stories. Well, I came across these Facebook entries from Eric M. about his supposed ” meeting” with Jessica Simpson. Us Weekly somehow saw his entry and contacted him and requested for an interview. To make the story short, Eric M DID NOT meet Jess, he saw someone looks  like Jess.The following Facebook entries are from Eric M., Tina Quilter , the “reporter’ from Us Weekly and some of Eric M. FB friends. At one point Eric M. made a joke ( I hope it is just a joke !!!) that he will call US Weekly and tell them a ‘Bull Sh*t” story about Jess.

Eric M :I just got a email from us weekly magazine because they somehow saw my jessica simpson sighting post and wanted an interview. swear to god.
January 15 at 5:13pm · View Feedback (22)Hide Feedback (22)

Tina Quilter January 15 at 4:49pm Report
Hi Eric,

i saw your tweet about Jessica Simpson and would love to talk to you about your sighting just for observations. Can be on or OFF THE RECORD if you prefer. Like where you saw her? What did she… by? Did she look pregnant? Was Eric with her? Stuff like that.

Let me know if you’re willing to help. I’m am on deadline, so, let me know how to reach you or you can call me.

323-xxx-xxxx or my cell: 310-xxx-xxxxSee More

January 15 at 5:13pm · 1 personLoading…

J E : lol awsome
January 15 at 5:24pm via Facebook Mobile

M P: that is amazing
January 15 at 5:26pm via Facebook Mobile

L. W.: that’s ridiculously stupid & hilarious
January 15 at 5:26pm

M P: the government is watching lol scary
January 15 at 5:27pm via Facebook Mobile

Eric M: I think I’m gonna call her and make up some bull shit story how she was pregnanat and wasted at the rusty nail with nick lachey
January 15 at 5:33pm · 2 peopleLoading…

M. W. S.: I gotta call bullshit on this….. right? no way this ACTUALLY happened
January 15 at 5:48pm

Eric M. : Swear to god man, I’m saving it in my inbox ill show you nxt time I see you. Told y’all it was her! Haha jk
January 15 at 5:55pm

A S: If you copied & pasted, there’s typos in it. Has to be spam!
January 15 at 5:59pm via Facebook Mobile

C C: Where the heck did you see her at that they would want an off the recorded on the recorded interview ???
January 15 at 6:01pm

Eric M: Ya I was thinking the same things about the typos seeing as she’s supposably a journalist and all lol
January 15 at 6:06pm

R U: You have a twitter account?
January 15 at 6:46pm

Eric M: No I made a status update last night at the nail about jessica simpson
January 15 at 6:51pm

R U: I didn’t know fb posts were called tweets. Im calling bullshit.
January 15 at 6:53pm

D R L: bullshit Eric I really did see Ed O’Nell and know one from us weekly contacted me and you know he is way cooler then Jessica Simpson.(right Eric) careful how you respond to that question
January 15 at 7:39pm

L M: ‎”was Eric with her?” haha…your sucha fucking liarrrr!
January 15 at 8:31pm

Eric M: Eric johnson is her husband
January 15 at 8:33pm

L M: ooo, haha i dont really follow celb news, none the less, i still know your lying.
January 15 at 8:33pm

Eric M: I swear to god lol its probley just spam
January 15 at 8:34pm

L M: why wouldnt you take a picture with her than?
January 15 at 8:35pm

Eric M: Id didn’t relley see jessica simpson I saw someone who looks like her posted it on facebook and they sent me this, you need a reading comprehension class. And yes dena edd oneal is WAY cooler then jessica simpson……. but I wouldn’t sleep with ed oneal
January 15 at 8:39pm

K G: thats nuts, u call em then?
Sunday at 2:29pm

I don’t know if Eric M. carries out his joke and calls Us Weekly or not. But in the future, if you see a story which says Jess is either pregnant, mashed, drunk, with Nick or any other guys or all of the listed plus the kitchen sink, then remember you read it  here first!!!!

Is this the normal operating standard for all tabloids ? I am also wonder how many other tabloid outlets contacted him for an interview!?!?

FYI: Tina Quilter phone numbers are blocked by me for security reason.

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Jan 20, 2011 with 0 Comments

“He brings out a lot of light in me and makes me very comfortable being who I am. It’s nice to be with somebody who praises you for the right reasons.”

(on Eric)

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Jan 20, 2011 with 0 Comments

So cute!! I used to watch this show on my satellite dish. She did pretty well, taking into account she wasn’t understanding a word of it. Wish she could come back to Europe for the usual stops …

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