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“There’s a certain candle that she loves – Votivo #96 in Red Currant – so I made sure to have one going every time she was in the studio.” – Brett James

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Jessica Simpson: Her Style Timeline
In an interview with Allure early last year, Jessica Simpson commented on some of her most famous (and infamous) fashion moments, her ex-boyfriend’s style, and the body part she most likes to show off.


“That’s what I really looked like the day that the mom jeans photo came out, which is—I look like I do now! I look like a normal person.”


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Jessica Simpson -In this Skin


Released: 19th August 2003 (7 and half years ago!)

Facts: Biggest selling album to date. Debuted  at #2 on the Bilboard 200 and sold over 7 million albums world wide (WOW!!!!!!)

Lead singles: With You, Sweetest Sin, Take My Breathe away & Angels  (Re-issue)

What is it like ?: It is on this record that jess forays into song writing. I guess when she puts her mind to something she does 100%. Therefore she has writing credits on all but two of the eleven track album. There is no doubt that this is a strong album. Again there are no duds on this. If I had to use one word to describe this it would be ‘sultry’ as the songs verge into mature pop. The theme still does focuses on love but not in the most predictable way. For instance, ‘I have loved you’ (which was intended to be released as a single) is a song she dedicated to the military service men. People we should value, though we may never meet. ‘You don’t have to let go’ was for Jess’ father and addressed her feelings on the balance of being a daughter and a wife. ‘My Way Home’ and ‘In this skin’ focuses on self discovery, empowerment and self love. ‘Everyday See you’ and ‘Be’ are wonderfully simplistic and melodic ballads and with the addition of her hit cover songs Take my breathe Away and ‘angels’ which is an angsty spin on the Robbie Williams orginal version, it is easy to see why this sold so many millions of copies.

Stand out tracks: There are so many. Ask a different person you would get a different answer. However apart from Jess’ signature tune of ‘With you‘, I love the power ballads ‘angels’, (which took some time to grow on me) and ‘Take my breath away’. I really adore ‘I have loved you’ and regret this was not released. ‘Be’ is a great listen too. I also really enjoy listening to ‘Forbidden Fruit’, which is a sassy and sexy song with a great beat and tempo though Jessica does not seem out of place with at all.

In a nutshell: Very strong third album where quality is maintained throughout and Jess addresses different types of themes and ideas about love-with a mature and sultry grace.

What were your favourite tracks?


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Jessica Simpson: Her Style Timeline
In an interview with Allure early last year, Jessica Simpson commented on some of her most famous (and infamous) fashion moments, her ex-boyfriend’s style, and the body part she most likes to show off.


“One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life was going to Iraq, Germany, Afghanistan, Bosnia, all these places. They really taught me that ‘God Bless America’ isn’t just a song, it’s actually a prayer. I will do anything for the troops, as they have done for me. I always wear my cowboy boots. If I ever am confused about what to wear, I throw on my cowboy boots.”


Posted by sweethazzardteam on Apr 05, 2011 with 4 Comments

I have a high level of respect for fans who collect everything Jessica. And they keep all those items safely stored for long years. J. is one of those fans. He posted some items in his tumbrl account. He deserves a shout out. Because I know the amount of time he devotes to Jessica, supporting and drawing inspiration and strength from anything she has done and said in his daily life.


My deepest wish is for Jessica to know of these fans. The ones who keep browsing ebay, in search of rare JS items, supporting her even when she is playing low key. That still believe in her when everyone else has given up. There are SO many. Who have been there when the dark times of harsh critics and trash talking and the trend of not being cool to love Jessica Simpson was around, they never faded. They went nowhere. And, to my surprise many of them are male fans. Who says guys aren’t loyal? They are to Jess!!

Posted by sweethazzardteam on Apr 05, 2011 with 0 Comments

Just Jess. Singing. Simply stunning. Who else misses Jessica’s voice and performances? It’s been SOOOOO long ….

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…and it’s just a maxi dress. However this colourful and patterned maxi dress achieves a casual sexy look with what looks like minimal effort. The demin jacket adds that extra cool casualness and altogether Jess looks fabulous.

Hooray for the Maxi dress.

Miss daisy :(


Posted by sweethazzardteam on Apr 05, 2011 with 2 Comments

We our proud to announce a meeting in São Paula- HUGE CITY – Brazil for Jessica Simpson fans. Just email Edu – dudu_public_affair@hotmail.com – and take care of the last details.

April 9, 6pm.

There will be showing RARE music tracks from Jessica that only a few fans possess. DO NOT MISS out on this!

NOTE: There is a special project going on for Jessica, if you want to know what it is and want to get in – it involves spending money on stamps =) – email me @ rtgomes@iol.pt

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