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Jessica Simpson’s feet are closer to the ground these days. The pregnant designer and Fashion Star mentor, 32, has eschewed her beloved high heels as her second pregnancy progresses — and apparently she needs practice! “Practicing walking in flats around my house,” Simpson tweeted late Friday, March 29, with an accompanying picture.


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“Jessica is no longer wearing heels,” a source told Us Weekly about two weeks ago. “Her feet are swollen and hurt, and high heels hurt her back.”

Expecting a son this time around with fiance Eric Johnson, Simpson made a similar, necessary sacrifice during her first pregnancy with daughter Maxwell Drew, nearly 11 months.




Jessica, kindly share once again baby Fashionista, Maxwell with us and how her VERY hard work paid off when she fit into her gown two months after she set that goal for herlsef. Yeah, weight watchers!!!

This week’s challenge is to design a piece for summer.

Nearly 2 million dollars of clothes have been sold so far this season
First we go to the design room. Each team will have a theme. Now each group will work as a team and pick a theme.
Now John’s team decides on the Tropical Vacation theme, Team Jessica picks the pool party theme. Leaving Team Nicole with Summer in the City Theme John says this is the hardest challenge, they must overcome their team differences. Nicole wants to make sure her team will work together. Jessica’s team is thinking of doing a maxi-dress. Hunter would like it to have a lot of bright colors, and Jessica agrees. Team Nicole is doing a summer suit, Priscilla is using the same fabric in which Joanna is using for her skirt. Joanna is dissapointed because her team members don’t connect with her.

John’s team chooses a distinct group of 4 different colors for each team member to use. Cassandra is attempting to do a tie-dye maxi dress. Amber is doing pants, one leg tie-dye and one leg neon. John is not a fan of the drawstring he finds them clumsy. He calls her youthful but he says she is still a good designer. Jessica is very confidant with her team because her boys are Jersey boys. We return to Joanna and her jumpsuit but Nicole is assuming the other designers are OK with this. Daniel then rants on and says how dissapointed he and Priscilla are with her. Johana then leaves her team alone to guy buy new fabric.

Tensions rise after the commercial break 15 minutes till buying time.

Daniel ponders how Johana changing things will effect her team. They then confront Johana and realize there is nothing they can really do. Hunter hates here dress. Garrett and Jesse Ray are there to support her. Clam-digger pants are being made by Brandon. John Varvatos would rather it be turned to a short. Brandon is thinking that he better listen to John for once. Hunter thinks her romper looks like a Prom Dress so she is changing her idea. Amber loves her pants and says they are perfect for vacation. Cassandra says Amber really has nothing special. Amber would like Cassandra to confront her and she complained to Silvia about that. Cassandra awkwardly comes over to listen in on the conversation and apologizes to Amber after a brief argument.

The First fashion show is coming up and a reminder that whatever is bought will be put immediately on sale at the end of the show is the store which bought the piece.

John’s team is first, Theme: Tropical Vacation

Silvia: Satire Skirt Dress Combo
Opinions: Terron “Very happy she made this dress”
Buyers: Macy’s 50,000 Saks 75,000
Final Buy: Saks 75,000

Brandon: Aztec Printed Short
Opinions: Erika “Length of short is perfect, wants to remove one of the pockets”
Buyers: Express 50,000
Final Buy: Express 50,000

Amber: Flared Beach Pant
Opinions: John “Not a no-brainer very particular” Caprice “Think about national customer not what you like”
Buyers: NO OFFER
Final Buy: NO OFFER

Cassandra: Haiter Maxi-Dress
Opinions: Erika “Very Happy with the dress”
Buyers: Express 55,000 Saks 50,000
Final Buy: Express 55,000

Team Jessica is next
Theme: Pool Party

Hunter: Pink Caftan Mini
Opinions: First contestant to make all 3 stores Caprice ” Perfect for the Macy’s customer”
Buyers: Saks 60,000 Macy’s 65,000
Final Buy: Huge Jump all the way up to Macy’s 110,000

Garrett and JesseRay: Empire Dress
Opinions: Caprice “Believes in the pool party, loves the color block look” also “Loves the color scheme”
Buyers: Macy’s 50,000 Saks 55,000
Final Buy: Macy’s 60,000

Finally Team Nicole which had no bids last week at all.

Theme: Summer in the City Theme

Johana: Strapless Jumpsuit
Opinions: Erika “We all want that jumpsuit”
Buyers: Macy’s 50,000 Saks 55,000 Express 75,000
Final Buy: Express 100,000

Priscilla: Soho Shorts
Opinions: Erika ” Very specific, small percentage of women have paper-bag waist like this dress”
Buyers: NO OFFER
Final Buy: NO OFFER

Daniel: Chelsea Blazer
Opinion: Terron “Jacket was a bit over-engineered”
Buyers: NO OFFER
Final Buy: NO OFFER

Nicole points out Johana’s outfit is different than the others and Daniel proceeds to throw her under the bus for going against the plan. Priscilla, Amber and Daniel are up for elimination

The Mentors will put designers into a final 2.

The Bottom Two are Amber and Priscilla
Daniel is safe and very happy about that he is.

Caprice: Amber
Erika: Priscilla
Terron: Priscilla

PRISCILLA IS NOT THE FASHION STAR! Currently on sale at Express are Brandon’s shorts, Cassandra’s Maxi shorts, and Johana’s jumpsuit. At Macy’s Garrett and JesseRay’s Empire Dress and Hunter’s pink caftan mini. And finally at Saks Silvia’s satire skirt dress combo. The twist for next week is that only the top bids are safe. You can still be eliminated if you are bought for a low price
source: tvgrapevine


Yeah for team Jessica!!!!