It’s one rumor after another for sweet Southern belle Jessica Simpson.
NBC’s Fashion Star mentor phoned in to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show Wednesday for a morning chat.
After discussing her show, new home, and baby-to-be, the bubbly blonde was questioned about a rumor.
Ryan’s co-host Ellen brought up the latest gossip– that Jess’ fiancé and former NFL star, Eric Johnson, misses football so much that Jess bought him a $50,000.00 Super Bowl ring.
Simpson answered with a chuckle, “What?! No! How do you even buy a Super Bowl ring?” The singer continued, “I can barely get the guy [Eric Johnson] to watch football on Sunday!”

This is our contribution to your daily dose of laughter. Normally, we don’t post rumors about Jessica but once in a while a rumor makes you shake head and wonder who could be so creative and/or derange enough to come up with something like this.  I hope you like this bit chuckle!

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